And have trust.

Cataclysmic disturbance

Rips love from lust.

Element of symbiotic convergence

I didn’t get taught this

I learned it

From us.

So quit the fuss

Why do you stress?

This bond is enough

The polar diffraction

Defines our attraction

Aligns solar Interaction

Between a Gemini,

And a Capricorn.

Cosmic Connection.

Our kiss ripples through

Sediment of my being

Like unfelt breaks, shake,

The still surface

Of an uninterrupted


Wind leaves beauties

Mark for the keen

To purvey

It’s in this way

Your touch permeates my vein

My Aorta

*Pump Exchange*

My Soul

*Remains Unstained*

My Brain

*Wit-less Insane*

But change

I feel change

Molecules rearrange

Nothings the same

Even my name

Broken fragments

Fall from my nomenclature

Leaving me too bare

Blank slate-your,

You’re the Net-ta-

-Attaching me to

St-st-stutter free

You connect

The boat to the sea

The captured to free

The can not to could be

You connect

The corrupt to morality

The lock and the key

Peace and Harmony

You connect

To me.

And let me


~ Miles M. ReVera

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