Hey ladies.

My name’s Miles.

I’m a Gemini and I enjoy long strolls on the beach and candle lit dinners.

No? Damn!

Okay, how about a hopeless romantic?

A pleading nymphomaniac?

A bleeding poet?

Let me explain:

You see, when I am out, I look about

For qualities, that matter to me.

I start at the top and let my eyes drop:

Brunette? Check!

Honest Eyes? Check!

Lips large enough to cradle a newborn? Check!

Curvature in an inverse proportion? Check!

And that’s all I could do is check!

Peruse my surroundings and pass the bet, Check!

Until I find a fine feline that I can put in “Check!”

Not the type of Check that involves one “Checking themself”

But rather, the type of chess-Check!

Where you’re fixated, in one spot, eyes locked, engaged,

Surrendering from the social wars we’ve waged.

I’d move my pawns up the board and

Infiltrate your guard with Captain Morgan.

For my pawns are nothing more than a casual drink,

A moment of reprieve to relieve what you think.

Jager bombs dropped with trades at Mid-battleground

First attack in wreckage, Time to bring the Bishop out!

It’s a Metaphor!!!

You see, my Bishops, the slanted slayers, are always on the move,

As they are, the alcohol and social inhibitions improved.

Two Long Island Ice Teas come blaring from the back-line.

They remove most of your defenses just in the nick of time.

Because the beat is bouncing the strobe is pulsing

The impending arrival of my Knight is certain.

See, my horse gallops to both measure and time.

As my hips move in turn, and my body in rhyme.

You anticipate my move and act with the same accord,

Our movements are strange amidst this dancing chess-board.

We move as one to the rhythm without bumping to the grind,

Each standing Three spaces back, and one to the side.

We bide our time in this socially precarious bind,

Until we each grow tired and both our Knights resign.

Okay, the period for fun is gone and done,

It’s time to bring out the versatile big-guns;

My Queen of Charisma and my Rooks of Conversation.

Growing less weary as the onslaught makes you dreary,

Alcohol lowers your guard and I see Opportunity clearly.

My Queen moves to the center space, Charisma covering all four corners.

Before you have a chance to recover my Rooks of Conversation soar up the boarders.

My Queen and two Rooks create and entrapping tri-fecta,

Capturing between them your Queen of Defenses and your King of Desire.

Check! That’s right! I put you in Check!

And unless I’m incorrect your Defenses are wrecked.

Your Queen and King, on the same row with my Castle between.

So either your Defenses or Desire will have to be thrown to the wind.

You hide your King and sacrifice your Queen to my Conversation

But now that I have two Rooks and a Queen, your Desire must run.

So you move your king one spot to the left

And I counter with my stagnant Rook and put you back in Check!

With my Rooks and Queen I chase your King to the edge of the game

And use my Conversation and Charisma to give your Desire a name…



~Miles M. ReVera

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