Forget Memories

Are you serious?

I’m not delirious, I’m not old, stupid, mentally incapable or unintelligent.

I’m just repeating to you the philosophy of those who’ve existed before me when it comes to resolving and re-acclimating from contestation.

When it comes to fighting meaningful battles that shape the course of events, lives, loves, futures…whatever sense of the word you want to use that makes it appeal to you.

I’m talkin’ forever mother fuckers.

My point of the statement being- in any time when wrong was done by parties untold or wildly heralded and known

The contention ends with one side submitting or giving.

Best case scenario both sides give equally because they care about each other…


One party draws the short stick…

Now, draw could’ve been lose

And short stick could’ve been the war

Or their life.

But they end with one side of these travesties being asked to erase their memories

It’s something I can’t comprehend.

I guess I understand.

It’s in the fibers of man

We fight, we argue, we overcome, over bound, Over run and rebound.

But there’s no meaningful end in a battle where one side is unwittingly or undesirably declared the victor.

No one loses when love loses, no one wins when love loses, and despite what people think love lost is not always better than to never have loved at all.

Imagine if you will, that all you wanted was this love

That insatiable feeling

The carress of warmth, skin, comfort and the feeling that somewhere, even if pitiful, lonely and menial, for that second you know in your heart and in your mind that you can never be alone.

But here we are.

Now imagine all she wants is to forget that love.

Forget the times, the experiences, situations, and momentus occasions that changed us. Them.

If you’re in love this is the predicament, the fighting of your inner-judgement, and the point in life where you must decide if your wants supercede a greater good or if you’re playing for the master plan.

…Do you look at it like a child, or a man?

If you love her, you want to make her happy above all other things in the world.

Care for her, and make sure she never cries and knows she’s yours.

But she cries over you.

And you over her.

You can’t live without her.

She can’t live with you.

Here’s where my emotional tenacity quakes

My capacity for love wavers and shakes, because

(Jack and Jill?) would fight their own emotions and convince each other to stay

But I, like (Roland or Godfrey de Bouillon) would say goodbye forever, turn, and walk away.

– Miles M. ReVera

Thoughts? Response?

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