Welcome to this monologue – my mental history tour

My passion and beliefs, my view on it all, and nothing more.

First stop, the hall of Imaginary Legends.

Adam and Eve living ignorant inEden

With a snake, a tree, and fruit forbidden,

They held the knowledge and path of original sin.

We all know what happened, I don’t need to begin

But they were sent out to be our first Generation.

So, you have to see the fact that we are all kin

If not through God, than at least Evolution andDarwin.

And if you can’t see the relation because it’s too hard to trace,

Than just take away that we all came from the same place.

Next came two brothers born unto the same mother,

Second generation under Yahweh and still causing trouble.

From the rubble remains of paradise unsaved

Satan picked his brain until Cain went insane,

He tore apart their family killing Abel, his own brother, blindly.

And those cries imply a story passed down from that Age

That we fight our own family in these wars we wage.

Now moving forward to a time of slaves and hardship

I bring you a story of triumph through faith and worship.

He gained their trust and respect as he climbed to collect

The two stone tablets, inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

They were all bound to one land,

But He came to understand

That we are all of one man,

And therefore he can,

Lead them, as long as they stay as one,

Uniting them all, under the call for freedom.

Rule Number One: I am the Lord thy God, and though shalt have no strange Gods before me.

So if we heard you clearly and understood correctly than you’re saying directly, ‘there is only one Him.’

And that Him is You, and that You is He,

So why can’t we all just seem to agree?

Our “Omnipotent Beings” were derived on creating faith and answering questions

Not bringing on untimely deaths and malevolent eruptions.

So pray to those idols you keep on the shelf

But know that beliefs work best when they are of yourself.

Now, assuming religion exists to provide reliefs

And there are as many deities as there are beliefs,

Then here you will see the “son” representing a “different one.”

He cured the diseased and helped feed the hungry

And died for our sins so that we could live freely,

And turned the needy, in turn, towards Christianity.

Yeah, I know the stories, but it’s not enough proof for me,

I need a coin or parchment with Jesus’ signature or year marked B.C.

I know my ideas sound crazy and maybe it’s a spiritual assault,

But I can’t blind my ideas for the sake of a cult.

So whether you’re with me, them, him or the rest

Just live your life to live, not just prepare for death.

Next up on our tour through this Mystery

Are a few men who left corruption, destruction, and misery.

You will see a famous philosopher in History.

He lived as the father of hypocrisy through Democracy and Bureaucracy;

Yup… Socrates.

I wish he could see what’s come to be

As money and greed are said to bleed from his seed,

He helped corruption climb the political steeple

And take power back from the people.

For his time his ideas seemed courageous

I know I’d just rather be living in chaos.

And as if the social system we spawned was not already mangled

We praise the man who wrangled mental anguish into the tangle?

Everyone hems their own problems, that’s no great secret,

But Fuck you Freud for making women think for even a second that they’re not perfect.

Whether they’re beautiful or smart or not

You’ve got to see and believe that women conceive

So heave your emotional baggage over your shoulder,

And start respecting women the whole world over.

To the right you’ll see a genius who failed his elementary education,

But made a name for himself designing the worlds first Weapon of Mass Destruction.

With a 160 I.Q. and dedication it’s clear to see the problem,

It’s not the lack of brain power but the dilemmas we had them solving.

Great things were possible if Einstein had just tried,

But instead, as a result of his research, millions have died.

Lastly, you will see the man who defeated racism in our nation

And how we’ve put our hands together for his approbation.

You’ll see many cried,

The riots wouldn’t abide,

One wouldn’t ride,

And this one used peace to quell the tide.

King used non-violent protests, boycotts, and sit-ins

Trying to gain justice and rights for African Americans.

But in my opinion, we will never be on the same page, I can’t consider them my equal

Because the travesties their ancestors had seen are temporally inexcusable.

If we spent the rest of our days on this earth paying reparations,

We’d still have to walk through hell,

Kill our soul,

Give up control,

Lose our women

And sell our children,

Then we’d at least be on the right path towards salvation.

And what would King have said if he were alive to see the Twin Towers Destruction?

Fallen, gone but not forgotten, a terrorist attack on the home land.

Thousands of innocent people died from the travesty alone,

Thousands more tried to save lives and never came home.

It’s one thing to attack our government or president

But killing the innocent in their place of business?

Ridiculous that this tragedy even happened

But more so that they were civilians, not military sanctioned!

And one would think that the tears that were shed and the blood that was bled would be enough said,

But Producers and Directors couldn’t leave the dread unsaid.

And to think that this non-fiction shit

Started to hit because of a sinking ship?!

I mean honestly! Who couldn’t guess the end of the Titanic?… It Sinks!

But still you think nothing of twisting a Historic Injustice

And turning something as tragic asPearl Harborinto a Chick Flick?!

Starring Ben Affleck?!

Then what prick thought up the concept at last

To make a movie of a travesty only 5 years in the past?

There just hadn’t been enough time,

The public was still hurt andHollywoodignored the sign.

Actors can be the spark that brings the fires of change to life,

Or the tomb that seals within it tragedy and strife.

And now that it’s been brought to light

I’m not going to fight

The urge to bring forth my aggressive Nicholas Cage plight.

Fuck you Nick!

Fuck your bad acting and

Fuck your inability to see a mourning nation left in devastation,

And Fuck you for shirking your responsibilities as an actor and an American.

Just as a human-being how could not feel that this movie was wrong to do?

You know what? Fuck it! Fuck that movie! And Nicholas Cage, Fuck you too!

The only thing more fucked up than your actions is the United States Government.

And no, a rhyme isn’t needed to instill that passion.

Fuck you Bush!

Fuck you for accepting a job you knew you couldn’t do,

And Fuck you for not looking out for your people when they needed you!

Fuck your lame stories, and Fuck your excuses,

Fuck your whole plan because we know what the truth is.

Fuck you for thinking it’s fair to maintain control over the media,

And Fuck you for being a lying, cheating, and dishonest leader!

Fuck you if you can’t take a joke!

And Fuck you for not understanding that we are all one blood,

Bleeding, Flowing, Beating, knowing the same veins,

The same Hearts, where all real Love starts.

And while I’m on the subject, Fuck Love!

Fuck you boys who don’t understand that the fragile emotion of women is the embodiment of everything balanced and perfect in the galaxy,

And Fuck you for screwing it up for the few of us still carrying a Coat of Arms and Flag of Chivalry.

Now don’t get too excited,

Because Fuck all of you women still jaded by the skepticism and futility of men gone by.

Not all of us are animals in heat-seeking Carnal Pleasures,

And Fuck you for treating us all like animals, in heat-seeking Carnal Pleasures.

And most detestably, Fuck Carnal Pleasures and the double-standard it creates,

We are all whores, its part of our cultures and civilizations,

Those who claim indifferent or fight it are just spouting fabrications.

Lastly, Fuck lying and Fuck the facades that pull murderous masks over our youth,

This rant was not a meaningless chant, but rather a revealing of untold-truth…

~ Miles M. ReVera

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