Unbind and rewind

I Loosen your grip on reality’s sides

We know you’re tried and true, We see your red white and blue

I’ve seen it and heard it before, I don’t want that from you.

What we need is a good time, and chance to relax and rewind

Lets create a chance to subdue our minds.

Submission was inevitable, mood lights the air what’s just right

The hissing of your dress and them tights

And I used all my might but regardless, I couldn’t fight this urge

To unbind and re-surge.

We pluck the beat from the reminiscent vibrations left lingering in the beer and lust filled aroma of the Stagnant Atmosphere.

Our legs lock and knees prop, our eyes lock, and my mind drops.

Black out.

When I open my eyes I’m dizzy, I want to trust the blurry fake disco lights for guidance but my feet are too wobbly.

I can’t be this drunk, can I be?

But wait, why are you all up in my face? Am I smiling?
I don’t even know why and I’m not trying to hide it, were we grinding?

But then we’re sliding, momentum wanders through shifts in time

Unravel and Rewind

We fired shots down but it felt like off

The exchange resides irrevocably crossed

We created lightning in the air as our glasses collided

And I thought it’d subside but,

This wasn’t just a ride.

The hair on my skin stood on end again and

I could feel the breath of temptation urging me in

And there we are friend, finding a bass line and following with our bodies and…goodbye mind

Black out.

Eyes open. Did it happen again? What the hell did you slip in my drink?

You tryin’ to roofie me? You’re wasting your time, all you had to do was just ask and it’d have been fine.

But I don’t understand the sweat on my cheeks, the feel of endorphins finishing their swift relief.

And my mind can’t fight the feeling of confusing while my body sits in peace.

Unbind and Release.

And there you are to take me back up.

My pulse settled down to a normal level and there you are

Figuratively pulling me forward with your body

And I don’t know if it’s just me or me and the alcohol but one of em’s gotta be

Intoxicated on the lightning your hips set free

And I know it’s not just me

Every guys eyes in the place I could see was on you and what you were throwin at me.

And I accept graciously.

Black out.

Okay, I’m not even wakin up this time, I’m gonna take a pause,

Rewind and Unblind:

Your curves asycynchoronous to the definition of divinity

It’s a simple matter of beauty and purity

Inside and outside retrospectively,

And I feel this way intensely,

And I can’t stop moving against you and with you

It didn’t make any sense but I was lucky to be conscious and happy to be moving

It felt like your rhymthym was soothing

We could’ve been center stage in a packed-house ballroom

Or all alone, wrapped in towels in my bathroom

And I just don’t care

Grab the minute hand and twist in reverse se you see your universe behind

Thoughts? Response?

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