Ominous clouds roll in across the Blue Sky
Nerves Flush and Quake
Not the person themselves, but their soul
And I ride that wake
Looking at the vastness spanning,
It is mine to control,
And I let it consume all.
I let it darken and canvass the security and sanctum we vest in Light.
I blink once or twice, walk and fight against its might.
I’m in the open now, right?
Rushing winds stop!
Reality Drop!
Life is surreal
Temporally frozen –
– A Dali Appeal.
And then it hits.
The air hisses and fits as the tensions crescendo splits.
Oil on Ivory.
It soaks me — I’m smiling.
Then for a moment, I’m caught by surprise and,
I see the flash,
I step back.
I open my eyes wide.
I take it all in,
It’s sublime.
The ferocity of the tempest collides against my weathered skin
As I stand to catch a glimpse again.
And Crash!
An instant re-hash of radiance
It’s beauty — instantaneous
Yet seemingly infinite.
It’s raw, untethered, and intricate.
My mind explodes.
I open my lungs
A shout towards above
And my voice erupts.
Three, Two, One
I tap my toes to remind me
As I look to the skies blindly
And Crash!
Sparks fire Directed.
The air is electric
Your presence — magnetic
And Crash!
Sparks ignite again.
My mouth opens to vent
I only get to tap my toes twice and I’m spent
When Crash.
Tanguy’s wet dream.
Purple skies torn from the seams.
And it leaves.
And I scream.
And it’s back.
Clap! Crash!
That’s the last.
And you say goodbye.
I wipe the tear from my eye,
But it’s just then I realize-
My life is the sky.
You are the Lightning, and I’m the Thunder’s cry.
The fleeting colors momentarily distract our façade of lies.
The closer together – the further we get from the Norm
The Winds are our Urges – we try and Ignore ‘em
The clouds don’t convey calm
But their Water Wipes Warm.
It Rains Emotion, We are the Storm.

Thoughts? Response?

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