I listen to hip-hop, love me a Graphic Novel, play video games and collect vinyl.
I also play poker, chess, ping-pong, soccer and racquetball.
I play the piano, the saxophone, and have been known to play the strings of your heart like a harpsichord.
I make it sting, it makes you bleed, but I have you coming back for more.
I’m like that train-wreck that caused a 30 car pile-up and grounded an airplane
The combo doesn’t make sense, but there it is and you can’t stop listening.
This is how I fit in society and why all their labels don’t really bother me.
I’m a Dork and a Geek, and sometimes I Nerd out.
Other times I feel like a philosopher or dare I say a poet?
But typically only when I find my creative existence is in doubt.
In the same token, needles turn me green and make my stomach drop
But for tattoos and piercings my mind fertilizes the permanence of art and harvests all its crops.
I used to be a smoker, never been a big fan of bars
Describe me as you’d like to, I’ve learned labels are for jars
Sometimes I even wear bow-ties with jeans because Chris Brown made it a statement
Don’t worry ladies, I’m not about to start slappin’ famous women.
But I’ll hit that beat.
My goal is to make you fall from the edge of your seat
Pack up your mental faculties and retreat
Take your game back to street.
My work is complete.

Thoughts? Response?

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