Space is the awkwardly discernible lack of definable measures between any number of given objects.

So when you say, I want space are you implying you want for nothing, or that you’d prefer in comparison, a void of absence…

“Just another disappointment, enjoy your nap” she sent to me.

My eyes catch my message and well up with defeat.

I can’t breathe, and my heart forgets to beat.

I read the words back to myself hoping I misconstrued it’s meaning

But I know what I’m seeing, and it’s as clear as the night sky

The prizm that turned those distant flickering specks into a rainbow that enhanced my life just died.

The color and excitement collapsed to revert and subside.

The light in my eyes resigns, and fades into grey.

And the strings of my mind, that fire my emotional synapses fray.

But I give you space.

And I’m alone,

So I pray.

~ Miles M. ReVera

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