Kindness abounds as the Nile, overflowing with nurture and nourishment
Equaled and rivaled only through the beauty of its natural radiant glow.
Lush wilderness drink of its nutrients, as do I unto your reverence,
Leaving spotless inklings incrementally illuminating the spectrum of our passion.
Yet this bounty of Athena’s harvest remains unyielding in your countenance

For it is here, the third eye of my ninth cloud that Gaia can be found
I bow at her feet and praise the ground blessed enough to carry your footprints
Even in the presence of an immortal to whom I pay respect, I only see you,
Leaving me breathless amidst this poetic prose paying homage to the Gods.
Do you realize the portrait that your mere essence graciously renders for me?
Soliloquy translation: I love you.

Thoughts? Response?

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