*Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* (Flat-line sound)

I see a White Flash of a super-nova exploding.

I hear a crack, a bang, a boom, I witness star-dust corroding.

It’s catastrophic overload, deafening my senses

Hurled like a rock skipping across a lake, defenseless.

My meta-physical energy is the stone, the universe – my surface

And as the lack of wind whips through this Cosmic Crevice,

I think to myself: “Goodbye Milky Way.” Hungry? Why wait?

Because sometimes you feel like a nut!

Oh yeah, and sometimes you’re sent soaring supersonic through outer-space!

So there I glide to the plane, glass window into purgatory,

Being left with no purpose, in limbo, for the allegory.

I find this to be a mere ritual of time and patience, a game, waiting for the Ancients

To hand down their verdict on my final resting location.

As the haze settles I see a waiting room, I’m definitely not ready for this endeavor

I’m looking at a long line that’s moving infinitely slow and seems to go on forever

I’m thinking; whatever, it’s a Help Desk! Plus I’m feeling pretty clever.

I mosey to the front and ask the old man at the desk if I could pull him aside

Just to make sure he knows I don’t care which way these so-called deities decide.

So I say, “Listen, whether I’m at the pearly gates or the burning settlement

It’s all the same sentiment, I aspire higher than this tight-wire you call judgment.”

He slaps me and asks about my lack of concern on location.

And says, “Isn’t a few lifetimes of patience better than eternal damnation?!”

“Hmmmmmm…Possibly, but I’ve already flown through both space and time

I’m in the middle of sealing my argument, when for the second time I go blind!

I figure my papers had been signed, until I open my eyes and see my own flat-line!

Why am I seeing past the end of my existence through my own eyes?

I’m actually seeing myself die, I see the doctor walking away from my side

And I hear my voice, scream throughout my mind:

“For the love of God, old man, hit me with the electric paddle!

No! Don’t walk away! Get back in the saddle you impatient asshole!”

But before all my desperation finishes reasoning its way through my head

I realize that despite what I think, I’m already long dead.

The Powers that be won’t let me rest in peace, or let me just sleep,

Instead I’m trapped in the subconscious setup of my own bed.

And as my mind tumbles towards insanity I hear an echoing voice that says;

“You are not ready to pass, it is just not your time or place.”

I said, “Bullshit! Who are you!? I just transcended life and time and space!”
The voice said, “I will let you look upon my almighty face

But if I do, I can only replace your 3rd eye, your memory and senses will be erased.

I understand what was said, but can’t be sure if it is true

I search inside, to help me decide, what’s really the worst this guy could do?

But it’s just now I realize, maybe it’s not a person I’m talking to!

My soul begins teeming with the thought of lifes meaning and my chance to start anew.

I close my eyes to process the curiosity I am fiending

I know what I want to answer, where my heart and mind are leaning,

And Just when I’m about to grasp my life and all its meaning

I’m awake in my room, to find I was only dreaming.

Or so I thought, as I open my eyes to purvey the cause of this disturbance

I try to focus or even see, but all lingers black, in glaring darkness.

I try to make a sound but my voice was non-existent and my ears rang with only dissonance.

Could my dream and this reality really be coincidence?

I shut my futile eyes and am awe-struck at the sights I’m seeing

Visions start displaying themselves across the canvas of my mind, as a private -movie screen

Although the images come and go, and may feel like a dream, none were my own, nor my memory’s.

At first on display I see my family and parents mourning for their recently lost son, me

My Funeral looks beautiful, but not something anyone should have, of themselves to perceive.

And just before my sadness reached the brink of my madness, I’m granted a change of scene.

FLASH! And new pictures come into focus, these seeming more manageable than the first one

I see an Arabic family, very upset, speaking in a foreign tongue

Yet as I listen I’m understanding what they are saying has been done

Their youngest daughter caught herself in a terrorist explosion

And their commotion gives me the notion, that although our families had never met,

And were from two different locations, through love, they manage to share the same emotions.

FLASH! And again, the scenery changes to something unfamiliar, but after the last two I’ll take it as a gift.

I see Japan, sitting on the brink of desolation, teetering on its Pacific Rift

A Tsunami and an earthquake cause the fabric of the islands very being to shift

And we see the stitches rip, the tide turns too swift, there is no time for shrift.

And my eyes can’t seem to shut as I see all this destruction and death floating adrift.

I un-focus and try to understand what my mind can now do

And as I think that very question, every inch of life comes into view.

I can drag my mind anywhere? Anytime? And discern its meaning too?!

Is all of this really happening? Is any of this true?

Is my mind released because my body had died?

Was death my true adventure?  My spirit my guide?

What should I do? Should I be shifting the tides or just taking it all in stride?

I try to decide but my soul relapses into its own fear and confusion to hide.

I rack my brain to process what had happened the night before

But I can’t remember anything about myself anymore

I try to quell the feelings of loss, anger, and spite, inside, that were at war

And I just lay here with an empty smile on my face, I’d never felt this helplessly alive before!

Moving forward, don’t forget your current thoughts;

“That sounds nightmarish, what living-hell could be worse?”

“That poor soul can’t see, or hear, or even speak to converse.”

“He’s just stuck, lying in limbo, technically “alive” but in a semi-cosmic state-perversed.”

So next time you hear of divine intervention at work

Remember to ask yourself:

Is God’s touch a blessing or a curse?

Thoughts? Response?

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