Dear Women,

Believe and have trust.
Just as metal attracts rust
Be careful bare-handed
When you rip Love from Lust.
One draws from the other
it nurtures and plays mother.
Each helps discover it’s brother.
The faithless’ hate gets smothered
And the faceless only see one another.
Beneath my tendencies and irrationality
I’m a genuine human being.
I always preach I was taught right by my Mama,
Chivalries what I teach,
No respect for the drama.
But I don’t beseech.
I understand we’re different and “to each his own”,
“Their” own, excuse me.
Ladies being chivalrous is still new and a little trippy,
But I’m down with the shift.
I love when you reach for the bill
As if you don’t know I won’t let you touch it.
That’s my business.
Call it old fashion, call it sexist, proper or arrogant.
I don’t care but to do and follow what I was taught in my time;
Which is to act according to a simple statement; that women are divine,
Each one created to breed new life into masses dying.
Each one individual not to be disrespected or left crying.
I’ll leave it to say they were created for beauty,
To uplift the consciousness and faith of the community.
And ladies, you’ve taken it upon your duty
To prove to the world who you can be.
And let me tell you now, and I’ll say it loud enough for all of you to see,
You know I’m serious, I’ll even get down on bended knee;
There is nothing you have to do or prove to me,
Ladies, you were born perfect as far as I can see.
And fuck anyone who doesn’t Trust and Believe…

Hopeless Romantics

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