Dear Women,

I’d like to be the first to wish you a Happy July 4th. Happy Independence Day. Happy Day of Independence. Independence from the societal view of chaining you to the kitchen and tidy house. Independence from being reliant on men to do things you can do equally as well. Independence from being seen as anything other than our (typically) better looking equals. Use this day of Independence to reflect back on how hard you had to fight to gain public’s view of your equality, strength and fortitude. So the next time a guy doesn’t hold the door for you or give up his seat on the subway or bus (Yes Susan Rudolph Cohen, I heard that one too) or tell you how pretty you look in that new dress or with your new haircut, just smile. And use it to remind yourself that the only reason that’s happening is because you are our equal. You are not a helpless little girl, you are a woman who does need to quantify or qualify herself based on the good deeds and tidings of men. And smile, because if you’re reading this, know, even if only to yourself, that you are strong, beautiful and independent.

Hopeless Romantics

P.S. Dudes… get your damn act together and start holding the door for women, getting up on the train/bus, and generally being more complimentary and honest about it. All women are beautiful. That’s not an opinion. Learn it. Rant. Over.

Thoughts? Response?

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