Cause and React
Broken Dignity in-tact
Failed logic, shrinking cosmic,
The universe gets smaller when chemistry’s denied
Denial’s vile stench spreads the canvass far and wide
Covering; Avoidance, regret, fear, shame, doubt, mistrust and pride.
It’s an unfathomable, unquenchable emptiness from which they’re cried.
Particles collide on the emotional spectrum
When opportunities die before getting asked the question
The X or Y try but both are needed for the equation
So hearts lie unaware, to a potential transcendental relation.
Life, is a ray of light that shines piercing the darkness from within.
Destiny, is a storm of righteous chaos amidst a world of veiled sin.
Friendship, is a game of roulette, you play with Hope and Trust until you win.
Love, is the wheel’s Jackpot.
You can only come to know it if you spin.

Thoughts? Response?

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