Dear Women,

Good morning and thank you for being you. I want to focus on one of the Four Pillars of friendship I’d written about earlier – Respect. (https://wax-poetic.org/2012/07/24/house-of-love/) This is a two part issue here that I’ll address separately for all of you. First part: Men who call women (undesirable, rude or sexist) names. As women, I know you’ve all been cat-called, or whistled at, or worse-off, heard people refer to you as some derogatory term like, “Ho”, or “Bitch” or, well, you get the idea. I want to take this moment, to again, on behalf of all the inferiorly intellectual and immature men out there, apologize. You are none of those things. Men use those terms to hide their own insecurities. Every time you’ve been referred to by some variation of the word “prostitute” it was simply a man hiding the fact that he’s scared, intimidated or generally unworthy. Do NOT let these offenses bother you. You are truly better than that. Better than those words. And better than that man who is trying to demean you with them. Hold as much weight to those comments as you do to the demons of sexism, racism and prejudice. They are all spawned by insecurity and self-hate. YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON! And don’t you dare let someone make or even allow you to feel otherwise. Side-note: If you are a man using words like that (or the worst I’ve ever heard – “Hippos”) I want you to know that on behalf of all other men out there, “You’re a disgrace. Grow up.” Second part: And the real reason though that this topic came about, is the way that women speak to other women. It hurts me pretty badly and deeply to hear women using the same phrases that ignorant men use simply to get under-the-skin-of, or upset, another woman. You are all angels. I mean that. You are all graced from a higher-calling, hence why you are the ones to bear the fruit of future generations. God is a “she”. Did you think it was coincidence that a woman’s cycle lasts about 6 days, one for every day in the bible that it says that it took to create this earth?! (reference from Oveous Maximus). There are no coincidences, just Fate, Destiny and Purpose. But these are true facts that women tend to forget when emotion and drama get the better of a given situation. If you’ve all been labeled a “slut” (or some variation thereof) at some point in your life, why ever burden another woman, another Giver, another some-day Mother, another somebody’s sister or daughter, another Gardener tending to the future generations dwelling in the unfertilized seeds of the tree of life another human who’s shared at least some of the hardships in life as you, due to their common, divine, gender, WHY would you burden another woman with these harsh fallacies, when you could stand together!! Men bond over ridiculous things like sports, talking about women, video games, you name it! Not saying that women don’t either, but at the end of the day you have the greatest cause for bonding and inter-personal understanding of any other people on earth. No matter your race. No matter your upbringing. No matter your physical appearance. No matter your ethnicity, religion or your familial background. You have a bond. A connection. A higher-purpose that only you as women could understand and relate to. Think of that the next time you get mad at another woman, PARTICULARLY if it’s over a guy. Remember this; there’s only one man who’s worth getting into a fight over or causing drama about – the one who won’t ever put you in a position to get into a fight over him, or cause drama as a result of him. Life is too short. You are too perfect. Don’t taint your own perfection and please, be mindful not to taint others. You’re not fragile, you’re just simply better than all that. Inner-beauty is harder to maintain than outer beauty. There’s no ointment for a torn heart. There’s no scrub for jilted pride. And there’s no cleanser for a black mark left on your soul and self-image by someone who should instead be helping you to realize how truly beautiful and amazing you really are. And you are. Beautiful. And Amazing.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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