Dear Women,

Thank you for simply existing and being who you are. This is a shout-out to all the virgins out there. This is a shout-out to all the born-again virgins out there. And this is a shout-out to the rest of us who don’t care but to respect you for who you are and what you choose to believe in, including how you see fit to respect yourself. This is a big “Fuck You” to everyone else. I’ll start with my shout-out to all you V-Card carrying members of our society who hold their standards and views on sex high in the air, not looking for moral high-ground while hearing what the rest of the world says and choosing not to care. Good! Hold it proudly, hold it loudly, and own it. You’re better than to jeopardize your beliefs for anyone but yourself. You are perfect the way you are. What you choose to do or not to do with your body shouldn’t change another’s perspective of your soul, or your beauty, or your love. You are worthy. You are worth it. And you are worth love; the love you seek and the love you need to remain true to yourself and your ideals. You are not wrong. You are not naïve. You are not innocent to the ways of the world. You are simply you. And simply perfect as is. You will find love. Love will find you. And it can be perfect as well. Don’t give up hope and don’t give up on yourself. I may not know you, but you’re worth it. And worthy. You will run into hardship, I don’t downplay the difficulty in finding someone you can respect but that will also respect the decisions you choose to make. But trust me, you will find that person. Don’t question yourself and don’t question your ideals. You could ask “what if” a million times over and think about all the things that “could have been” but I promise you that when the right person comes along and you share a bond deeper than the physical and even more closely connected than just the mental/emotional you’ll realize that those million “what if’s” and feelings of possible regret and loss, pale in comparison to the love, security, understanding and respect you’ve found and have. You deserved to be cherished. To all you born-again virgins; Keep strong. Virginity acts as a physical truth and mental/emotional state of existence. The physical truth may be fact, but that can also be changed if you do a split too hard apparently! (Thanks Wiki-answers). Virginity to me is a mental and emotional state (Beyond just the physical). Maybe it’s religious, maybe it’s personal, maybe it’s something you just don’t want or need in your life. So you born-again virgins are virgins as far as virgins are concerned to me and God. Bless. You. I hear people down-play born-again virgins time and again claiming that they’re just “not real virgins”, or their decisions are “stupid” or “hypocritical” because they’ve already had sex. Well here ya go Born-Again Virgins of the world: Have you ever known someone who smoked? Have you ever known someone who smoked for years and years and decided one day to quit on their own resolve because they didn’t like the person it made them (whether it be physically, mentally or otherwise)? Okay, so 2 years later, is that person still considered a smoker because they’d done it for years? Of course not. It’s a choice, one you’re entitled to make and one you should be respected for, whether people agree with you or not. Women’s bodies are all archetypes of a higher-calling and blue-prints of the here-after. How you choose to pay homage at your temple is yours and yours alone. No one should be in a position to make you question the way you give prayer and tithe to the house of God that heaven blessed you with. And if anyone judges you based on how you choose to worship yourself and your beliefs, deem them unworthy to bow at the altar of You. They ARE unworthy to bow at the altar of You. Your body offers re-birth to the masses, light in darkening times and hope for the future. Never forget that. Lastly, thank you to all of you who are neither of these but still respect those who are. Everyone’s choice is their own, and everyone deserves respect for owning their choices and beliefs (pending they’re not negatively influencing or harming others). Good things come to those that embody patience and believe in themselves. Believe in you. Believe in self-respect. Believe in love. Be you. Be respected. Be loved.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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