Dear Women,

Good morning. Please remember, you are loved. This is an apology from a man who’s made more mistakes than he count on all of your fingers and toes together and the first of these apologies is directed towards my (and all) little sisters out there who when they needed them most weren’t protected by their brother. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me most, and I’m sorry I didn’t often act as the older brother for whom you’d hoped. I’m sorry that you had to face struggles alone, that were caused indirectly from me, because any supposed friend of mine that puts you in any unwanted situation should instantly have become my enemy. And trust me, I know all of the wrongs I’ve done by you but I really hope that in the long run, through the stained, glass window that is our relationship, that my love for you still shines through. Because not a day goes by, that I don’t think about how you needed me – I wasn’t there, and a piece of me dies inside. You always have been and always will be my little princess, and beyond and above all other women I’ll always love you best. And I hope you know that you make me prouder than ANY other. Proud that I got to watch you grow up. Proud of the woman that you’ve become. And simply proud that despite it all, I still get to call myself your brother. And the next apology goes out to my (and all) of the hurt Mothers. I’m truly sorry from a son that mis-treated, over-used and abused that undying love for me that you have and tore you apart through your emotions. All Mothers unlock the dresser drawers in their chest that they keep their love in, and allow it to be filled with the growth of returned care and respect of their children. But it still functions as a basin, that just like any body of water, it tends to leak when you damage it at its foundation. You see, you can only manipulate a finite number of situations before the drawers in their chest start to drip into the basement. And in this house, when the basement floods it’s life itself that can’t breathe. In the basement of this house is where Mothers keep all of their greatest memories. Mother’s build and mold the inlay of the stone the rests around the very cabinet that holds the very essence of their being, with the love of their children. The memories with their children and the love of all the times they’ve shared with them. The stone-work is intricate, beautiful, bountifully dutiful and virtually impenetrable. And just like most things of great power and respect, the only thing that can damage this basement, is what the basement is built of itself. And Mom, Mother, Ma-Dukes, I want you to know that I’m sorry, and I gladly spend the rest of my life re-fortifying your shelves. The only drops of love that I’ll ever see you lose on my behalf again, are the drops that can’t be held by the drawer because there’s no room to put anymore in. You’ve loved me my entire life, unconditionally, through thick and thin, and now it’s my turn to show you how much you have, and always will, mean to me and refill your basin. This final apology goes out to all women I’ve hurt as girlfriends, lovers or friends. There’s too many to name and way too many mistakes to mention. But just know that my intent was never to hurt you, I let the blindness of my immaturity and lack of understanding of my Responsibility as a man misconstrue, the purpose of our relationship, how perfect you already were, and the bigger picture of what you were put on this earth to do. I wish you the best. I hope for nothing but the best for you. And I’m sorry for any of the situations or hurt feelings I put you through. You. Are. Perfect. Just the way you are. And I hope that a man better and more deserving than I can or has come through to simply deliver you this proof. So, to all the women the world over, hurt by a man, let me be the one to apologize on their (and my) behalf, because not all of them can. But you deserve one. And although it makes you a stronger person and helps define your future love and character, we as men should rise above, and realize that you’ve earned the right to be treated as an angel, simply because, you are a beautiful person. A woman. And you deserve it. For all of the Mothers of the world, hurt, stung or feeling lost about the mis-placed love of their children. I am sorry. On behalf of all sons of the world, I am sorry. We are sorry, and we love you. You are the reason we even exist in this world and know endless love and caring to be a truth. Don’t cry, it’s not your fault, we all know that you try, and for some of us, we need to totally fuck up and flood your basement, so we can understand the unquestionable need and selfless reasons why we should strive to always keep it dry. I love you. And to my sister (and all sisters out there who’ve been hurt at one time or another by their brother) I’m sorry. Representing all brothers across the world who should have been there for you and weren’t, I’m truly sorry. We, are truly sorry. As an older brother it’s our job to protect and quell your fears, and keep you distanced from worry. I know I’ve failed you in the past, and please accept my apology. I’m so proud that you have grown to be the woman you’ve become and I’m so proud that you’ve found a very special love that you can share with someone. And I’m very proud that I get to attend your wedding, see you say “I do” as you don your white dress. And please know, that I’m so very proud of you, I’ll love you till the day I die, and you’ll always, always, be my little princess.

I love you.

Hopeless Romantics

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