Dear Women,

Good morning! It’s a lovely day to be you. It’s also a great day to love, to respect, to be loved and to be respected. (As are all days ending in “y”). Respect and Love are shown in two ways, through words and actions. It’s through these two sentiments that people become fully vested in one another and each other. I think Actions speak volumes but are also straight forward to interpret. You hold the door for a young woman, that’s respectful. You lay a hand on a woman (in a physical manor) that makes you a shithead. That’s pretty black and white. But what about words? What about a verbal fight? What if it’s online, then what’s considered wrong or right? There are no scars or visible marks to identify. There is nothing left for people to see the next day as you still feel broken on the inside but your exterior looks unscathed. Well let me tell you, it’s really fucking simple, and yes, I’m really ticked about this one; Do NOT type something, text something or message something that you wouldn’t say directly to the face of that person. And as a woman, don’t you dare accept someone doing that to you. It’s not any better because it didn’t “Come out of their mouth”. Hiding behind a wall of electronic communication doesn’t make words sting less, it sure doesn’t make someone impenetrable to judgment, and worst off, it’s much harder to forget or brush off. You’re looking at it. It’s sitting there staring you back in the face, you have to take an action to delete the words from existence. They don’t simply stop existing when the vibrations from the sound waves forming their hurtful discordant arrangements dissipate. The written-word has a certain level of permanence that reach to the emotional core of a human and you are not Guy Montag. You are not responsible for, and should not be responsible for, burning those words to eliminate the emotional impact behind them. So ladies, when you receive a message or email full of demeaning lewdness, disheartening fallacies or general inappropriateness, cruelty or other undeserved negativity, don’t even finish reading it. See who it’s from. Delete that message immediately. And respond back with a strongly worded, “Thank you.” That person on the other end of that message just (unbeknownst to their ignorant selves) saved you, what could have been, an unforgivable amount of time that you would have wrongly spent communicating with them, worrying about what they thought of you, trying to impress them, appease them or worse off, just trying to be a good, upstanding person to them with the hopes of receiving the same kindness in return. Forgive them for their transgressions immediately with that “Thank you.” It is not that they are mean, cruel people who deserve to be punished for their inherent lack of wholesome goodness. These people don’t understand love. They don’t understand the feeling of being loved by a woman and they sure as shit don’t have any sort of reasonable relationship with their sister, daughter or mother, because if they did they’d NEVER talk to a woman that way. Feel bad for that person, because they were either born in a laboratory somewhere or they’re a confused, lost and scared little boy. And trust me, people like that don’t need to be hated, they hate themselves enough, whether they know it or not is a-whole-nother story, that you need not even concern yourself with! They need to be pitied from a distance, because a male (not going to mistake that with the word “man”) in that position can’t ever know true love. He can’t ever know legacy either. Someone like that will can’t leave a lasting or impressionable (positive) legacy on this earth or on our society. And when we’re gone at the end of our days, it’s truly all we have, and to deny one’s self that, I pity that human being. Sad, sad little man. Ladies, a man insulting you via text, or email or Facebook message is the SAME AS DOING IT IN PERSON! (See how you heard me yelling right there? I was yelling… so were they when they typed that mean message to you in all caps… the medium doesn’t matter, the message does). Do not even think twice about it, a real man would never do that to you, and if you’re not dealing with a real man, you’re dealing with a child, and stop wasting your time with children. You’re better than that. This goes double by the way for people who deal with relationship issues electronically. If you’re having an argument electronically you need to work on one of the four pillars of your friendship providing the core of your relationship (Trust, Honesty, Communication and Respect). Typically communication is the biggest issue that causes a deterioration in an otherwise solid foundation of a relationship. Don’t let yourself fall into that crutch, and certainly don’t allow anyone to else to drag you into it. Again, you’re better than that. And if a man ever, EVER breaks up with you via text message, or email, or Facebook message, do not get upset! Don’t even be mad! That person saved you a lot of time in your valuable future and beautiful life of having to be with an immature, irresponsible, childish human being! You. Just. Saved. Time. And time is one of the few things in this world that can’t be bought, sold or traded. So that person potentially saved you an invaluable and indescribable amount of an unrecoverable commodity in your own existence. Also, do the rest of the world a favor; take a screen shot, and post it on Facebook. Don’t be negative, don’t be angry, simply post the screenshot with their name (Don’t use their number, I think that’s illegal) and say underneath it, “Thank You & You’re Welcome”. The “Thank You” is to that person, for reasons previously established. The “You’re Welcome” is to everyone else that you just gave fair warning to. You basically posted a “Beware of Dog” sign on their reputation. If everyone started doing this, I think we’d see a lot of people not wanting to communicate important issues electronically and men would have to stand up, grow up, buck-up and be real men again. This means not insulting people, particularly women, through a veil of illegitimate protection. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Typing it is the same thing. If you get nothing else from this ladies, you are worth more than that message, you are better than that demeaning comment, and if you wouldn’t accept someone saying something like that to your face, please don’t accept it via electronic communication either. You’re. Better. Than that.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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