Dear Women,

It’s another Monday and I’m still grateful that you are who you are, and nothing more or less. And what makes you, “you” are the experiences, trials and tribulations you’ve been through in your life. What hinders you from being the “you” that you could and/or sometimes WANT to be is often times, Regret. It kills me a little to see so many of your women living every day with Regret. And this comes in two different ways; Regret for the things you’ve done, and Regret for the things that you didn’t do and what could’ve been. Men typically regret the things in life they didn’t do, women typically regret things they’ve done and can’t take back. (this is a sweeping generalization, but what I’ve found for the most part at least, to be true). First off, don’t ever look back on things you’ve done with regret! We’ve all made mistakes, we’re human, and Regret gets you NO WHERE! Stop beating yourself up over it! If you made a mistake, own it! Understand that your mistakes don’t define all that you are, they simply help to add subtle points of definition to your soul, and it’s NOT THE MISTAKES THEMSELVES, but how you choose/chose to deal with the mistakes that you’ve made! “That jerk” you dated that didn’t treat you right? First off, not your fault, he’s a jerk. Second off, don’t regret that! Learn from the mistake that you made and guess what? Just don’t do it again. You’re better than that. You don’t need to regret any of those “one night stands” or general life “bad decisions.” We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that. Whenever you’re feeling those feelings of regret for having done something, that given the chance to go back in time you wouldn’t have done again? Erase those feelings from your mind and your heart. Look in the mirror (like, physically do this…) And smile. Yes, you’re still beautiful. Yes you’re still loveable and more than worthy of love. And yes, you’ve made mistakes, but are still, for all intents and purposes, on this planet, and in this existence, perfect. And that “Regret” or “mistake” that you made, whether you believe it or not, helped get you to this point. Don’t hate it. Don’t look back on it with shame. Don’t look back at all. Understand it happened. Call it what it is. Own it. Don’t do it again and look forward towards an even brighter future. You deserve it. The second type of regret (for me, probably because I’m a man) is the worst type. You can think back often about the bad results of actions you’ve taken or things you’ve said and clearly see the consequences. “Because I did ‘X’, ‘Y’ happened”. That’s manageable, you can stomach it (and should, it’s over, you’re still beautiful). It’s MUCH harder, at least for me, to stomach those things you regret because you DIDN’T do them. Who KNOWS what could have happened, what could have been, or in what ways your life could have been different. There’s a thin line between trying anything once for the sake of doing it, and trying it once because you can’t tangibly quantify or qualify the potential positive nature of the consequences/results. Hold your heart and your Love dear and close, it’s more valuable to this world than most of you can even understand. Just don’t miss out on something that could be amazing for you because you fear you might Regret it one day. I’ll take Ninety-Nine “mistakes” for One lifetime of True Love and Happiness. At the end of the day, just don’t live your life with Regrets, it’s too short and you won’t ever get a re-do on anything. We’re all humans, we all mistakes, that doesn’t make you any less of woman, a lover, a partner or a friend. Regrets are for people who don’t learn from their mistakes. Don’t be that person. Be the inspiring beautiful woman we all know you are and need you to be. Remember, you uplift the entire consciousness of society, don’t let something in your past hinder you from doing that in your future. We need you. And we love you. All of you.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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