Dear Women,

Good morning and bless today, this week, and most of all, You. And that’s what I’d like to rant about a little bit this morning. You. And not You like, You’re doing something wrong, or how could You do (or not do) that. But really, what are You doing for You? What have You done for You lately? And what is it that You’re working on for/with Yourself? You ARE the most important entity in your life (unless you have kids, in which case, I get it… you’re second to them). So, again, this message can be delivered to males or females, I’m writing it to females, don’t be offended. This letter is in conjunction to last weeks letter on finding true love. Until You love Yourself, you cannot hope to find or be a part of true love. So how do You love Yourself? You work on You. You have You-time. And taking time out of each day, every day, for Yourself is essential in; “finding Yourself”, loving Yourself and staying happy in a committed relationship. I was always told by the wise Susan Cohen that there are 3 parts to every relationship. Your part, their part, and the part you share together. Unless all three are strong independent of one another, all three are destined for failure. Keep a healthy balance of time for yourself, devote yourself to things you love and don’t compromise those things, because in essence, they are who You are. It is through those actions/commitments that you will not only find yourself, but you will find true love, both from yourself as well as others. There is nothing more attractive than someone who knows who they are, someone who knows what they like and most importantly doesn’t care what you think about it. They are simply themselves and it’s others prerogative to take it or leave it. Also, the most important facet of why spending time on/for yourself is key in life and love; Because You are You. And you’re really incredible at being You. And You, are awesome. You need no one to define you, no relationship to explain your purpose of being And no things or looks or physical items to display you. You were You (and an excellent, amazing You) before anyone played a role in your life, you’d be an excellent You after someone left your life, and you’d be an amazing You if it were just you, alone in your life. So live each day to fulfill the things you wish to be or become. Love yourself for all your greatness and your ability to deal with and overcome the areas that aren’t necessarily as stellar. And have fun. Find things that excite you. Find things that define who you are and who you want to be, and devote yourself to them. And do them solely because they make you happy, it doesn’t matter what others think. (For me, it’s this blog and generally trying to make women smile and feel good/better about themselves). Too often I’ve seen women doing things, wearing things, buying things and pre-occupying themselves with things that are focused on either attracting the opposite (or same if that’s your boat) sex, or are to add more value to their societal image as oppose to their self-image. How you view yourself, your life and the things/activities that comprise it, are all that matters. With that, everything else falls into place. This letter and rant was really a long-winded way of saying, you are a great person and don’t need to be defined by ANYTHING other than what makes you happy in life (as long as it’s not detrimental to you). Your happiness is key. And as long as you love yourself and what makes You, You. You will always experience true, unadulterated, pure love. From the bottom of my heart to the core of yours: You are loved. Be You. You’re amazing.

Hopeless Romantics

P.S. As the amazing Katie Makkai says: “You will never be, JUST, Pretty…” http://ow.ly/dWH63

Thoughts? Response?

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