Auspicious designations are destined for those who strive for greatness
Unassuming and driven with passion, compassion, love and honesty
Do the people who embody the general perfection of the masses even know it?
Respect dictates that they would deny themselves any prideful thoughts
Even though, truth-be-told, they expand the consciousness of those around them
You are blessed to count yourself among not only the aspirers, but also, the achievers

Leave your doubt at the front door
Each dawn another chance for you to shine once more
Inexplicable optimism bleeds from your very aura
Grace erases hate via the beauty exuded from your core
Holding life itself breathless in your allure

Trust, that you represent all that you believe of yourself to be true
Honor, those in the world who appreciate the awe your mere presence induces
Offer, not only your wisdom but your confidence as inspiration to others.
Mammock, the belief that Idealism and Reality can’t be bridged into a flawless union.
And most of all, no matter what the world throws your way, please remember to
Smile. You deserve it. You’ve earned it. And we need it. It’s uplifting. It’s perfect.

Thoughts? Response?

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