Dear Women,

Good morning! I hope that today is an excellent day for you, where you can smile wide and have the confidence to hold your head up high. Ego. Pride. Tenacity. Resolution. Fortitude. All of these words have different meanings to people in the different contexts that they are used and as people were brought up differently to understand them. I want to focus this rant on the over-arching, all-encompassing idea of these words. It really does come down to Confidence and Self-Assurance. I wish you all the Confidence in the world, to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, upon just waking up, while you’re sick and run-down, and be able to tell yourself, “I’m beautiful and awesome, inside and out.” Now, I’ve run into two different reasons why this seems to be an issue among the female community; (Again, this can transcend genders, but this is being directed towards women, sorry guys.) The first is that you truly don’t believe those thing about yourself. This is a shame, and not necessarily all your fault. But please know, you ARE that beautiful inside and out. You don’t need someone telling you every day, you don’t need to look like the Catalogue Models. You are gorgeous in your own right, and in your own right, perfect. No matter who you are in this world, there will always be someone “more attractive” or “smarter” or more “shapely”. Stop comparing yourself to those around you, it’s a waste of time. They are not you, you are not them, and I promise you, they come with their own set of baggage. Everyone has their own personal struggles, this is no different for anyone the world over. So you be you, enjoy who you are each and every day, and as I’ve discussed in the past, if you don’t enjoy who you are, change it to be a more positive and better you! But at your core, your soul, your stripped down version of who you are, you are truly beautiful and perfect. Please take the time, each and every day, to remind yourself of the fact that, yes, you are truly amazing, a great person, and worthy of love and adoration. The being said, I want to focus on the second reason I’ve run into recently as to why women have an issue with Confidence and Self-Assurance. It’s not because they don’t believe themselves to be amazing, it’s because they DO believe it! This sounds so ironic, and guess what? It is! There are women out there who are stunningly beautiful and/or intelligent, talented, driven, and good-hearted people and they know they are these things, and because of society, or their upbringing they actually feel shameful admitting that to themselves, let alone anyone else!! Listen, I’m not saying walk around with a sign that says, “I’m @#$%ing awesome. In your face world.” But if you know that you’re gorgeous in the way you want to be, if you know you’re intelligent and can hold your own mentally, or talented artistically, or whatever it is about yourself (or for some lucky people, combinations of those things), then OWN THAT! Look yourself in the mirror and know, at least to yourself, that yeah, you ARE that awesome. You don’t need to flaunt it, the world doesn’t need to know, the people who are worthy of that knowledge will learn it or see it for themselves. But you, YOU need to know that yes, you are special. And not just pretty-special, but THAT special. Own it! Each person represents a finger-print of the archetype of humanity. Just like fingerprints, none of them are the same, so own who you are, recognize who you are, and be damn proud of yourself. You’ve earned it. This statement also comes with a level of self-realization and honesty that needs to be had. I love you all to pieces, you know this, but I’d be in high-doubt if you (or anyone) told me that you’re smarter than Einstein, more attractive that Tyra back in her hay-day, more talented than Adele AND more athletic than Jackie Joyner-Kersee. So be real with yourself, and if in doing so, you can truly look in the mirror (Yes Ma-Dukes, heard that one too believe it or not, just took a couple decades to sink in), and really see yourself. Not your reflection in the mirror, but TRULY see who YOU are, and you realize that you’re pretty fucking awesome? Guess what?! You’re ACTUALLY pretty fucking awesome. That’s a fact. So to all you ladies who don’t have the confidence or self-assurance currently when you look at yourself in the mirror, STOP IT! You are awesome! The things that you don’t like about yourself, you can work to change, and if you can’t, then that’s who you are, and I promise you, as such, you are just fine the way you are. You were created perfectly, individually, and uniquely, You. Be proud of that, you’re an incredible person. If you are one of the women who falls into the latter of these examples, STOP FEELING BAD FOR YOURSELF FOR BEING AWESOME! “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, right? Okay, well if you behold those things to be true, I PROMISE you that others do also, so stop doubting yourself. You’re amazing. Truly amazing. As I’d said in the past on this matter:

“And most of all, no matter what the world throws your way, please remember to
Smile. You deserve it. You’ve earned it. And we need it. It’s uplifting. It’s perfect.”

Smile on.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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