Trust rests on a brush
Tainted with the paint of your love
Our Spectrum’s hues prove soothing enough
But the way your colours stain my canvass turns passion to rust
And even though my heart’s tough, it just chips, fades, decays and turns to dust,
Chemistry meets Metaphysics who already dates the Mystics but used to be married to Lust.
You see, when Metaphysics and Lust were still together
They gave birth to the cosmos as Father and Mother
But the bother of existence
seemed to further their distance
until Lust had simply had enough and Metaphysics on the rebound found comfort with the Mystics.
But the Mystics were most unusual in their beliefs
And although Metaphysics was offered some relief
The feelings of a settled maelstrom were at very best, brief.
And so, not wishing for the feelings of security to cease,
Metaphysics started creeping around behind the Mystics back, with Chemistry.
Although Chemistry couldn’t offer Metaphysics the same sort of sympathetic relief
As opposed to the Mystics, Chemistry was put together perfectly logically
And even though Chemistry couldn’t fully satiate Metaphysics emotionally
The long-term potential Chemistry offered was built on a foundation of stability.
So, Metaphysics went from using the passion and emotion of Lust to explain their existence
To understanding their States of Consciousness through their interactions with the Mystics
And complimenting that lack of solidification with Chemistry’s proven elemental composition.
You see, the problem that exists is, that Lust was a freak
And Lust and Metaphysics together had great Chemistry
But there was nothing behind the substance, like The Mystics unyielding Mystery
Lust and Metaphysics formed truly unique and special significant others
Able to understand the deeper folds of life while loving one another
Yet, Metaphysics shares a complex bond with the Mystics, they inexplicably react
Through the principles of life and spirituality following the rule that opposites attract.
Meanwhile Metaphysics and Chemistry could logically assimilate life as fact.
Which at the point when Metaphysics lost Lust, and interest in the Mystics, Chemistry helped keep ‘em grounded playing the part of the mistress.
Now Chemistry and Lust had a spat before Metaphysics fixture came into the picture
But the unyielding passion of Lust became too uncontrollable for Chemistry’s rigid structure.
And so Lust followed the opposite path of Metaphysics and when shit got to real with Chemistry, Lust starting shacking up with the Mystics.
And although the combination of free-flowing emotion and ecstasy were surreal
The lack of grounding left Lust feeling a little too ethereal.
So Lust left and decided to start a new relationship from the ground-up with Metaphysics
And on the flip-side, there’s never been a particular bond between Chemistry and the Mystics.
Which catches us up to the present mix
And in this fix we find ties getting weak.
Metaphysics continues to sneak
Chemistry exists for substantiality
The Mystics are present simply for remedy
And Lust becomes a thing of the past, forgotten entirely.
But it’s Lust that keeps the rust off my heart and keeps the paint fresh,
It’s the Mystics that allow me to clean and maintain my own canvass
Metaphysics provides the raw materials to support my fervid artistic push
While Chemistry creates the bond between my body and the brush
And although when two are combined, the resulting findings can be rough
And a complex amalgamation of a few can often be too tough
If you search through the eyes of passion and never give up trust
Your very existence will be elevated through the ubiquity of Love.

Thoughts? Response?

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