Dear Women,

Good morning! I hope you have a good, stress-free time today. And if you’re having a tough time, please just remember, it’s a time. And as such, it will end. Things will get better. This rant is written to all of you going through those “tough” or “bad” times. This is addressed to women in particular, because, generally speaking, women are more emotional than men, and these times tend to hit them harder and longer. So first, if you’re going through a high, a great time, things are really going your way, ride it! Push yourself harder then you have in the past because you can handle it, and when you’re riding high, you can deal with a fall here or there, it’s way easier to push through. And please, if you are happy with the way that you feel and/or what you’re doing, please smile, and please be grateful. You deserve it, but it isn’t always guaranteed. So enjoy it! Now, if you’re going through a tough time, first-off, I apologize, but secondly, I PROMISE you, it WILL get better. I’m not a “God-fearing-man” but I do believe in a higher power, call it God, or Fate, or Destiny, or Karma. And that power tests people. Unfortunately I find that it puts the most weight, and the biggest burdens, on those that can handle it and that won’t break. It’s because you are strong that things are able to get so bad. It’s because you CAN handle those things that you are forced to. You ARE strong. And that doesn’t mean you can’t cry. Crying doesn’t make you weak. Even the strongest of us can only handle so much sometimes and need to let it out. You are still strong, and resilient, and a great person who will get through this. But let it out, you need it, and you’ll feel better after. I promise. It IS okay to cry. And don’t you DARE question whether you deserve this or not. NO, you’re not a bad person. NO, you didn’t do anything so wrong that you deserve this. NO ONE deserves this. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just life, and it gets the better of us. You. Are. Not. A. Bad. Person. You’re not. And yes, it’s probably very difficult and awful what you’re going through or dealing with. And yes, there are people out there (perhaps even lots of people) who have NO IDEA what it feels like or how tough it is. And I know you might be tempted to think to yourself, “it’s not fair, I wish I was them, or didn’t have to deal with things like this because they don’t.” But don’t think that way. I’m not saying be grateful for what’s happened, that’d be foolish. But instead, realize that you’re gaining things that those other people can’t even begin to fathom; Strength of Character, Maturity, and Wisdom/Understanding. Yes it’s tough, and sometimes doesn’t seem worth it, but I promise you it is. Because you have the ability to handle, and have to feel and deal with things, worse than others around you, and as such you may have felt lower or worse than they could even imagine. The trade-off here, and it’s a big one, is that you also then have the ability to feel unbelievable highs and happiness that they also couldn’t even imagine. For example: if you were to wake up every day and it was 75 degrees and sunny and never rained, would you TRULY appreciate the beautiful weather? Maybe, but DEFINITELY not as much as the person who lived in Greenland their whole life. And if everything always came easy to you, you can never understand how amazing it REALLY feels when you finally accomplish, acquire or achieve that thing you’ve been working so hard for. It is a feeling that you should know, one day, will be yours. And yours alone. Cherish that thought. Hold on to it. There IS a light at the end of this tunnel and I promise you that you’ll get there. You’ll find your path and you will know true bliss. So please, remember, you’re a great person, you don’t deserve this, and you WILL be happy again. I promise. Tough times are simply that, times. And time passes by. Smile on. You’re amazing.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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