Dear Women,

I hope this Monday morning is treating you well and worthy of the blessings that you truly deserve. Now that word, “worthy” holds some pretty tough meanings/ideas for me. I’ve been hearing a few of my friends talking lately about “what they’re worth” or thinking maybe they’re “worth more than that”. Even being capable of having those thoughts absolutely kills me. Worthy? WORTHY?!?! You were born worthy of caring, respect, honesty and unadulterated love. And there are so many reasons and subjects out there that I’m finding cause my friends, and women to feel “unworthy”. Whether it be that guy who treated you poorly (or just simply not as well as you deserve), or your family not supporting you in what you want (or sometimes need) to do, all the way up to the media, projecting to women what they “should be” and how they “should look” or “should act”. I’m going to directly quote Rafael Casal when I say, “FUCK THAT!” (http://ow.ly/eFmxS) You are not Barbie, and Barbie is not perfect. You are you, and if you act as yourself, and are true to yourself, THAT is the epitome of perfection. No one person, or group of people, or idea can define you or your worth. I’m telling you right now that you are worthy just the way you are. Oscar Wilde once said, “Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” This is a true fact. And Brother Ali stated, “We are all God’s fingerprints…” Just remember those two lines. We are all individuals, and should be happy just being individuals and as such, ourselves, because frankly, everyone else is already kind of taken, and the world has enough Jersey Shore cast-members already… So that deals with the media and society as a whole. Fuck them. You’re better off as you, trust me. Moving on to the next source of negative feelings; to me, Family is defined as a group of people that are there for you, support you, care about you and look out for your best interest, even when you don’t deserve it or aren’t doing so yourself. And through thick and thin True Family wouldn’t want anything less than the best for you. If you’re convinced you know what’s best for you, then you need to pursue it, with or without their support. In the end, you will be happy you did (because it’s either who you are, or you need to find out otherwise for yourself) and your family WILL ultimately support you. And guess what? Harsh as this sounds, if you’re happy, fulfilled, and not hurting yourself or others in any way, and they DON’T support you, they’re not true/real family. You. Do. You. For you. And by you. Own it. Own yourself. And be “The master of your own universe”. (Anonymous Proverb). Family is infinite, unending, unyielding, unrelenting and ever-present. Now lastly, if one individual person is making you question your own worth, or their worth to you, your worth to them, or the worthiness of your relationship as a whole? They’re probably not worth it!!!!! If you’re making a “pros and cons” list of the worthiness of your relationship, or having a hard time justifying the relationship or persons worth, or just not sure what/where the value/worth of this person or relationship is coming from, then please understand, this isn’t insulting, but you’re better than that. It may be tough, you might feel unsure, or even a little unworthy or unfair to be the person to make this decision. But as a person, your self-worth should trump all other feelings and relationships in the world. If you don’t feel you’re worthy, you won’t be. And you should NEVER be made to feel that way or even question it. You were born perfectly worthy, grew up to be perfectly worthy and wake up every god damn morning perfectly fucking worthy. Worthy of Caring. Worthy of Respect. Worthy of Honesty. And Worthy of True, Unadulterated, Love. You. Are. Worthy. Your time and efforts are Worth-while. And your Heart and Soul are beyond measurable Worth to anyone but yourself. You are invaluable and don’t ever be in a position where you’re questioning that. Remember, smile on, because if nothing else, you’re worth it.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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