Dear Women,

Good evening and bless your heart. And I know for some of you reading that start, creates an uneasy feeling of loneliness or loss. The human heart isn’t just an organ, an ideal or a mystical seal embodying the fanaticism of Love. No. Your heart is a condition. A pre-slated piece of fate conditioned for the sake of not wanting to live life as just One. It is both a disposition and an affliction but never an item to be won. You can wear it on your sleeve but be forewarned- you WILL eventually get burned. It is only a matter of time before it is your turn. These are things you must remind yourself of often. But too much caution can leave one feeling neglected or alone. This is a Prant. It’s Poetry put to a Rant I suppose, because the temple of your love is too beautiful and perfect to leave to the fallacies of just plain prose. And so I propose that you read and understand that I know the hurt you may feel. Regardless of the size of the slice, when a piece of your heart goes amiss it’s a big deal. You see, those shreds that get shaved off each time you get hurt, get progressively worse, and you divert, some of the hope you had in something that should be a blessing, into a curse. But you need to always love You. Not what you think you need to hear right now, but you do. It’s true. And it’s the one fact that after seemingly endless heart-attacks I can prove. These are not physical conditions, but rather the emotional attrition of a previously fortified and unconquerable volition. And this transition never gets simpler. No matter how tiny the sliver. You see, people say you’ll get over it, or get used to it, but it’s like getting shot. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve got, it never gets easier. And that’s the thing about love. It’s a gamble. And you don’t always wind up above where you started. Sometimes you wind up in shambles. I used to describe the feeling as existing as a shell of my former being, a shadow of the person you had previously been seeing, a shade of my former self, the pre-eminence of my inner-demons. But as you’re told, often too soon, it is true, time does heal all wounds. And it will for you too. And I’m sorry that it hurts this bad, but on the flip side, (and you can get mad), I’m kind of glad that it can make you this sad. Because only things that you give your full heart to and love unrestricted, can have the ability to leave you feeling so devastated. And being able to feel emotions so strong they can’t even be computed or understood by your brain, I promise you, no matter the situation, will always be worth the pain. It’s as I’ve said in the past; not everything is meant to last. But give to each thing fully and learn from each time the die is cast. Your numbers won’t come up every time, neither will mine, and that’s fine, true love must be found and earned, not amassed. And I’ve accepted that only one love in your life WON’T be sublime. The rest will inevitably leave you feeling lost, hurt, deaf and blind. And again, that’s fine. Because that one time you do find something wholesome and true, it will negate all the negativity you been through, and wipe your heart clean. And no, that feeling is so pure that I didn’t need it to rhyme. I know it’s tough. I know that feeling of loneliness and emptiness in your life is rough. But look in the mirror, that great person you see staring back at you, I promise is enough. You’ll get through this period, and before long it will reflect simply as a myriad of darker times that only helped to bring you closer to the light. So stand up and fight. Your heart and your love will instinctively know what’s right. You will love again. You will have someone again to hold you and for you to hold tight. And just remember, your darkness is like the night; It’s not forever. Your Dawn will come. And when it does your shadows will be washed away as the wrongs of your past are made irrevocably right. Cry if you need to. Listen to sad music if it helps you. Stick close to family and friends if they help you remain true. Or be alone and give yourself time to inhale the breath of this situation and think it through. But please, no matter what you do, just promise me and more importantly you, that you will remain dutiful, to the fact that you, your life, your heart and your love, are truly and perfectly, beautiful. Much Love. Smile on.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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