Dear Women,

Good morning, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoyed some time off with some friends and/or family. Now family, that’s a funny thing really. I’ve heard from a few people and have a few friends that aren’t close with their family anymore. And so they claim, “I don’t have a family” or “I don’t DO family” or whatever the phrase/case may be. This rant is going to be short and sweet… Family is what you make it out to be. This doesn’t have to be blood relatives. This doesn’t have to be the people that necessarily raised you. Family should be the people that, no matter what the situation, time or reason are there for you unconditionally because they care about you and your well-being. For some of us, that is our parents or siblings. For others they are our friends or fellow-religious-followers. For many of us this is simplified as narrowly as our pets. Relationship dynamics are tough. Blood-ties are difficult at times to maintain. But love should be unconditional. And those that grant you that love are family. Period. So for those of you that feel unloved, or that you don’t have a family and get lonely around this time of year. Look to your friends, look at those people that have always been there for you and continue to be. And love them back. Unconditionally. Family comes in many shapes and sizes. And I’m sorry if your blood-family ties have been weakened or lost over time. You are loved. There are people out there that love you. And it may come in weird ways, from different people, and at strange times. But please know; You. Are. Loved. And if you’re reading this, please know that in my own way, I love you. I’m always here to chat and more importantly to listen. You are ALL my family. Much Love. Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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