Dear Women,

Happy New Year! I hope that 2013 is the year where all your dreams come true. And let’s start off this year talking about dreams, both good and bad. I’ve been hearing a mix of both recently, and both seem to be double-edged swords at best. When dealing with bad dreams in particular, it’s often tough to separate, not the reality of the situation, but the emotions attached with that situation, real or otherwise. It’s important when you wake up in the morning to have a clean and fresh start. Do NOT let your negative dream from the night before affect the start or emotional outlook of your day. Go have your coffee or tea or juice, look at yourself in the mirror, smile (always smile) and remind yourself that today, as all other days, is the first day, of the rest of your life. Remind yourself that you are destined for great things. Remind yourself that you are your only limiting factor. Flush yourself of those bad feelings by thinking of all the great things you’re going to do or accomplish today. And if you don’t have great things you’re going to do or accomplish today, revel in the fact that today may be a relaxing day for you! Or even better, set one for yourself then and there! It’ll get your mind off your dream and your emotions refocused onto something positive. Now, we all love good dreams, but what happens when they set false-hopes and expectations? That’s when they can be trouble. That feeling when you bounce out of bed and you know in your heart and soul that today, TODAY is going to be a fantastic day!! And then one bad thing happens, then something doesn’t go as you’d planned, etc. etc. It actually is more of an upset and day-ruiner because of your heightened expectations coming out of the gate. Now, you want to harness the good feelings, but same deal, look at yourself in the mirror, smile (always smile), and remind yourself that you’re going to make this day as great as you feel no matter what happens. “Good things cometh to those who wait” (And worketh while they waiteth). So work each day for the things that you want, and let you dreams be goals, aspirations or even simply just dreams. Keep on smiling. Keep on improving yourself, your life, or someone else’s every day. And keep your emotions focused on tangible things that you can work for every day, not on the situations that arose last night while you were sleeping. And as always, much love, smile on.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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