Dear Women,

Good morning, I hope this weekend and the remainder of this week treats you well. Quick rant, but something important that I recently was privy to hear about; Uneven balance in a relationship. I was always told that there are three parts to any relationship to make it work; Your life, Their life, and your lives together. And they should be different and mutually exclusive. Don’t try and lead your significant others life by walking in front of them. Inversely, Don’t just follow them where they go by walking behind them! Instead walk with them, next to them, to support one another on BOTH of your journeys, together. You’re not walking in their footsteps or in their path, and they’re not heading in yours. You’re both on your own road, walking in the same direction, to the same point, together. Too often I see women pinning themselves to the career, goals or life of the person they are dating and this is dangerous and unfortunately destines most relationships to failure because it breeds a small seed of resentment. Maybe consciously, maybe not, but it’s their and has the potential to grow/sprout into something that will surely end even the best relationships. I know that when you love someone you want to be there for them, to support them, to love them and to never let go. But don’t do so by giving up on what defined your life beforehand. You are you, and were you before you started dating. That’s one of things I’m sure your significant other fell in love with and grew to love. Don’t change that. Be you. Do you. Love each other. And the rest will fall into place. You’re an individual. A great person. And a welcome and much-needed addition to this chaotic world we live in. You’re not just part of a relationship equation. Be more than that. Because you’re better than that. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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