Dear Ladies,

Good morning! It’s getting cold out there! Keep your heart warm. And what is that warmth? It’s a thin line between the hope you garden and water every day waiting for it to bloom into something more than just unanswered prayers, and the stark generalization (and for some, mis-informed realization) that growing an Orchid in a tundra of infinite patience and no sunlight is destined for disappointment, sadness, and ultimately a lonely eventuality. This is a thin line, walk it with care, but recognize that it is a line meant to be walked. I was always told that, “When you stop looking for something, you’ll find it.” So I’d sway the scale of balance out of whack and fall off one side or the other. I either craved love in my life; like, had to find it, couldn’t live without it, just needed it. Or, I gave up on love. I realized the futility of trying to find something so “perfect” or so “perfect for me”. “It just isn’t out there.” But those are the black and whites of this scenario. And grey is a better place to make your abode when settling down with your heart. Don’t actively look for love. It won’t do you any good. You’re not going to find it just because you’re looking for it. That being said, don’t get discouraged by love either. It’s out there! Trust me! As weird, or unique, or picky as you think you are, there is someone out there thinking that you don’t exist either. But don’t give up! The thin line you must walk is paved with patience and lined with Hope. Walk it carefully. Understand that you can’t find love because you want to, that love will find you. Just be open to it. Don’t close the door to the house that encases your heart, just don’t knock your house down and move your heart in an attempt to locate it. Keep hope alive, water it daily. But let your flower breathe. And before you know it, your Orchid will rise, it will find the sun, and it will Bloom. You are someone else’s, “they don’t exist”. Don’t forget that. The road that you walk on is your road. Your path. It’s named after you and can only be traveled by you. So be you. And you will find someone whose road travels in the same direction, to the same place, together. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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