Dear Women,

Good morning! I love me some Monday Mornings!! Well, at least this part of the Monday morning. Maybe “love” was a bit strong… And that’s something I’ve heard a little bit about over the past week or two. The infamous and sometimes dreaded “L-word”. Love is a unique feeling (obviously) but has many forms. I love my Mother, Sister, Father, Brothers, etc. But obviously not the same way I’d love a significant other, yet, perhaps deeper. In the same respect, I love my good/best friends: OC, D-Slops, Nock and McBizzle. (Not their real names, but they’ll know who they are). But two of those people are guys, and I don’t love them “like that”. Again, obviously different. Then you’ve got that really special love. It’s not just loving someone like your significant other because you feel strongly about them, it’s different than that. It’s actually being IN love. It’s a different feeling. (reference previous stated “uh-oh’s” in last week’s rant) Now obviously this can get confusing. I tell all three groups of aforementioned people that “I love them”, but through deep communication (sometimes even excessive…) we all know where we stand with each other and what we feel about each other. Family is family, I don’t think I have to touch that “I love you”. But my friends know that I love them and would walk in front of a moving train for them; that doesn’t mean I want to make out with them or sleep with them or marry them! And the only way they know that, is because we’ve talked about it. We communicated about what we say and what we mean. We were brutally honest and open and allowed each other to love and be loved. This is most important when dealing with a significant other. I know how people get (trying not to stereotype women here, but, well, kinda…) when you drop the “L-bomb” in a relationship. Maybe it’s too early, maybe you’ve been holding out, maybe you love her/him but you’re not IN love with them. All of these things happen. Always say what you mean, and mean what you say, but when you’re dealing with Love as a word and as an emotion, explain where you’re coming from, what your intent is and why it is you used that word in particular. It’s a powerful word. It holds a lot of weight and is one of the fundamental elements of our existence. (Earth, wind, fire, water and Love – Thank you “The Fifth Element”). But this is really true, Love can in essence destroy a life/existence, yet, in the same and more important token, it can build a life, it can pick someone up, make them feel whole, give them a new reason for living, and genuinely just make someone feel loved. Don’t forget this, don’t just throw that word around, and don’t misconstrue what you mean. Love is beautiful, share it. Just communicate the meaning behind it, not just the word. And on that note, as always, Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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