My heart is an instrument of change and creation
Overtly misused by others for transient emotional sensation
Rarely held as near-and-dear as the passion it lets in
Granting others the gift of happiness at the cost of its own within.
And yet it continues to beat searching for reciprocal proof
Never giving up hope of finding someone true

Many claim to be this one, despite what my past and mind believe
And they all take with them a sliver of me each and every time they leave
Reminding me that all but one who seem true are destined to deceive
I allow myself after each occurrence a longer and longer reprieve
Eventually hoping to find someone who will never make me grieve

My heart is an instrument of creation and change
And maybe this time I’ve found someone to play it’s harmony instead of games
Rounding up the slivers shaved off by those who chose to estrange
Then reassembling them, rearranged in her own heart to spell my name.
I hope this time Fate feels the same, that maybe this time my Karma is due
Never having given up hope or my belief of finding someone true
So I believe, that Destiny is real, because this time, they’ve sent me, You.

Thoughts? Response?

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