As one viewed the book
Read over and had a look
This weird style that I took
Penman’s brain for sure to cook
Until picking up the hook
Thinks of life
And of his wife
The crooked knife
Colours passed by
Life through his eye
How to say goodbye
Time to break the tip
Thinking about just why
(as he began to sigh)
Why was it time to die
Oh! The rhyme went on
Nearing to a song
Lines were not long
It was all so wrong
No thought at all
The lines too small
The mind takes fall
Ideas in ball
Crash into wall
Hearing evil’s call
Start internal brawl.
Warped, but it still gets worse
Dreading death’s fating curse
Hook-on-neck begins to nurse
All from writing skeltonic verse

Thoughts? Response?

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