Dear Women (You),

Men are from Mars, but Mars is a planet closer to home with a clear chasm between the section of this world where speech unfolds formulaically and emotion resides in fact. Intact logical statements remain on display for the Martians to see and admire. And no love-lost transpires. No arguments over intent, no verbal fires. Nor Oratory Pyres. Instead the masses are left informative yet uninspired. You see Martians communicate only in the specific minute details that provide the building blocks for fact. And although their conversations are without the need for deference – emotion and passion, the human aspect is what it lacks. So there are advantages and disadvantages to this plan of attack. Advantage – when speaking to someone about something as a matter of fact. Disadvantage – when that person speaks back.

You see, women are from Venus and Venus is closer to the sun. A planet that burns faster, turns quicker and has had a slightly different evolution. On Venus fact is coupled by Emotional revolution. It’s a turn of serotonin and although the facts are presented it’s with a different understanding. The words are just words that could be unsaid or unheard it’s the sentiment that matters the intent that’s disingenuous or flatters. And it’s that tact that is seen as weight-baring as fact. It’s what they call a “human condition” because it’s something that they picked up from the societal interaction one rock back.

So if Men are from Mars and communicate solely in fact, and Women are from Venus and communicate based also on tact, why are we surprised when men express their opinions and women feel attacked. Men don’t understand so they just toss their logic back, but women do get it, but they lead with their emotions and the situation leaves the conversation cracked. And it’s from this fractured translation that breeds the disconnect and discontent between civil discussion. You see it’s not just a simple case of mis-communication it’s a different approach to conversation forced against a total lack of understanding. It’s an entirely different form of speech or way of approaching communication from a different angle. It’s like someone speaking French to someone who speaks sign-language.

The problem comes when this mis-understanding leads to someone hurt, feeling depressed, wronged or damaged. Don’t leave someone you love feeling rampaged – it’ll draw you as it’s loaded gun. When you love someone it’s not about coming out on top or having the disagreement won. And there’s seemingly nothing either side can do once this line has been un-done, so let’s just focus on loving each other, as we did in the beginning, not proving ourselves right or trying to find a solution. It’s a truth serum. A Love potion. Drink up. Clear the poison. And as always, and forever, Much Love, Smile On.

(Me) Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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