Dear Women,

Good afternoon! Sorry this was a little late, still trying to digest all the food from Easter Dinner yesterday! I was recently talking with one of my best friends and she was analyzing a dream she had the night before. We chatted about it a while and then she went online to “see what things meant”. Dreams? Awesome. Analyzing you dreams? Awesome. Reading someone else’s analysis of what your dream “really” mean? Bullshit. Just calling it like it is. So here’s the deal; Dreams are you subconscious running wild, running uninhibited and/or running free. Free from the everyday confines that society places on them. Free from the everyday confines that your life and mental-state place on them. And most importantly, free from the everyday confines that your emotions place on them. These are not things we do actively or consciously, we innately as human beings have these blocks or parameters set-up that cause these feelings, desires or even just thoughts to be blocked from reaching your brain and/or their full potential in your heart. Dreams are not hindered by any of this. As such, they are a great tool to use (just a tool, not a road map, not a sign, not a guiding force, a TOOL), to help you analyze your life and your decisions. The whole reason I’m ranting about this today is because, your subconscious is YOURS! I know, crazy concept, but it’s not anyone else’s. Not everyone’s mind works the same, blocks the same thoughts/feelings or thinks about and analyzes their life the same way. It’s for this reason that if you take a moment to think about what your dreams mean to you? that’s great. And the thoughts you have, those deep introspective, “Maybe this is what I’m trying to tell myself” thoughts? Those are probably accurate. After all, it’s YOUR brain sending you those messages. And that’s healthy to think about, healthy to analyze and healthy to use to help you make decisions. They can be important (when you’re not dreaming of punching a zombie and wind up pulling your back muscles in your sleep) and often help you think about a situation in a way you might not have before. That being said, do NOT solely rely on other people’s interpretations of your dreams. That’s a waste of time. “An old man means XXX” “The sea means XXX” It is okay to reference these things as potential ideas of what it could mean, but do not accept them as fact and do NOT take them at face value. They are suggestions, not facts. The only facts are the ones you analyze for yourself. Your brain. Your Subconscious. Your Dreams. No one else’s. Talk them out with a friend or a family member, write down your thoughts, do whatever you think will help you better understand why your brain could be thinking those things. Go see what other people think their dreams mean, but if it doesn’t click with you, it probably isn’t what your brain was trying to tell you. Don’t confuse yourself. Don’t let yourself be confused. You’re beautiful inside and out, and that includes your brain! Trust yourself. Trust your own knowledge of yourself. And just remember, some dreams are just really fuckin’ weird! Just is what it is! But you don’t need someone else to tell you how your brain is processing what your heart is feeling and your subconscious perceives. You’re your own person and you’re better than that. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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