Dear Women,

Good morning. My prayers, hopes and best wishes go out to those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy yesterday. Many many MANY thanks to all those who selflessly helped others without regard for their own safety. It’s hard to rant about something when such a glaringly horrible event is still staring you in the face. So, in the essence of actually keeping this short and sweet; stay safe, put aside your personal differences and feelings, and help others around you. Don’t judge people today for bad attitudes or anything else they seem to be going through, you don’t know what they went through yesterday or are still dealing with today. And most importantly, please, please, PLEASE, do not disseminate information based on hearsay or rumours. Hearing people throw around the words “the terrorists” yesterday, assuming who could have done it, why they could have done it, or what the implications are, are all assumptions, and we know what happens when we assume. To clarify something; using the words, “The Terrorists” is racist/prejudiced/stereotyped. What you’re trying to say is “Middle-Easterners”, so if you want to stereo-type/prejudice, don’t hide behind a veil of safe words, it’s bigoted. Let’s just refer to the people who did this as criminals, terrible people, and terrorists. Not THE terrorists, let’s not assume it’s every religious or political group who’s ever had a vendetta against us. Those are bad assumptions and can lead to future violence and other people getting hurt. Anyone, of any race, colour, belief or ethnicity who bombs innocent people is a terrorist. That’s the definition. Let’s just leave it at that and be reminded of what happened with the Oklahoma City Bombings when people SWORE that they saw Arab men entering the building, it “must have been them.” Let’s learn from our mistakes in the past, and instead of directing rage and hate aimlessly, let’s focus love and hope towards those that need it. It’s a better use of our time, a better use of our energy, and making use of our heart – still our strongest muscle. Please take extra time today to love your neighbor. Hug that person who you’re glad is still in your life. Be grateful for everyone in your life that is still safe, and pray and be supportive for everyone in this incident who wasn’t afforded that luxury. We love you Boston. You will persevere. Much Love, and please, try to Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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