Caring about people can be difficult.
Some people are naturally difficult to simply handle.
Those people are even harder to deal with when they are upset, stressed or down.
They may anger you.
They may upset you.
They may make situations seem impossible.
But keep on your kid gloves.
Keep on loving them.
Keep showing them that you are there for them, even if all you want to do is yell or cry or tell them why and how they’re upsetting you.
They need you when they’re feeling like that.
And they need you how they need you, not how you think they need you.
Give them some space if they need it.
Be close if they need it.
Forgive their transgressions.
Remind them of your love and support.
And remember, that those people who can get the most upset, feel the most stress, and fall down as hard/fast, are probably the same people who can love most passionately, care most sincerely, and respect you beyond measure.
People handle stress differently.
Some, not well at all.
Be patient, be forgiving, and just always be there.
They need you.
I need you.
I am one of these people
I’m sorry for that.
Thank you for your continuing support and love.
You all know who you are.

Thoughts? Response?

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