Sometimes I reflect on my upbringing and it draws me to a very awesome corollary:

I was basically raised by Superman and Batman.
Not figuratively.
I didn’t read comic books until I got older.
But literally.

Superman – Representing Love. Emotion. Hope. Having the outlook that people are innately good and that if you give goodness, you will get goodness in return. A positive outlook full of inspiration and positive views on life and humanity.
My Mom is my Superman (sorry for the gender swap Mom).
She is strong.
She has a great heart.
She believes in the goodness of mankind.
She acts on behalf of all of the goodness of mankind.
And she is full of hope.
ALWAYS having hope.
Hope for a better day.
Hope for a new tomorrow.
Hope that things will work out for the best, despite the sometimes crippling odds.
I inherited that hope, and that heart, and that love.
It’s helped me to appreciate those around me.
To appreciate life’s little mysteries.
And to really empathize with the innate goodness that rests in all human’s souls.
I couldn’t be more grateful to my own personal Superman.

On the counter-side of this coin is Batman (and those of you that know me, know my love/obsession with him).
Batman – Representing Solidarity. Preparation. Realism. And the average humans ability to Fuck things up worse than you could have possibly imagined, and planning on it happening.
Batman is no pessimist.
He’s also no optimist.
His glass isn’t half full, nor half empty.
It’s a glass of water, and he’s thirsty. Period.
Batman views situations and life and humanity objectively.
He doesn’t need an opinion.
Fact usually presents the best options.
Batman would love for there to be world peace tomorrow, no more hunger, and no more crime.
But he knows this isn’t realistic, it’s not in our human nature.
So instead, he prepares to fight against it and do what he must so that he, and those that he cares about, are safe.
Batman may lack hope and that “Positive outlook” that so defines Superman,
but he is ALWAYS prepared for worst case scenario with a plan.
And a back-up plan to his plan.
And a back-up, in case the back-up fails.
My Dad is my Batman (Probably the greatest compliment I’ve ever given anyone, and I run his Facebook page so he’ll never know)
My Father is intelligent, planning and meticulous with his details.
He represents the realistic view of what this world is.
The realistic view of what this world offers.
And not the sometimes clouded view of what this world COULD be,
But instead, the realistic view of what you can achieve in this world
And the realistic view of how to do so.
Life wasn’t rainbows and cotton-candy for my Father.
He made his own way.
He fought his own battles, faced adversity and over came it.
He never hoped that things would work out.
He prepared for them to fail,
And when/if they did, he had a back-up plan in place.
I’ve inherited that view on life. (a little)
I’ve inherited that logical progression that takes place in my brain when facing a problem.
And I’ve inherited the realistic nature of living life for what it is, not what it could be.

I’m very grateful to be the son of my very own Superman and Batman.
I am blessed.
I was subconsciously and innately raised to:
Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst.
Half Kryptonian – Half Dark Knight.

Thoughts? Response?

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