Dear Women,

It’s time to find a beat that not only moves your head and your feet, but your heart. This is where happiness and self-realization start. It’s where the drama, questions and uncertainty in your life part. It’s time for your harmonic journey to embark. Purchase a metronome. Hook it to the electric impulses surrounding your life and make the tick-tock of its beat your new home. Don’t ever forget it or let it leave you alone. Use the constant resonance as a reminder to steady within the sediment that comprises your being. I know how the ups and downs of life can leave you feeling, but it’s time to start believing. Align your chi, and paint the walls of the canvas of your soul from floor to ceiling the same colour, but tint each side different. Be an individual, but be definitive. Know where your moral compass is. And let yourself be defined by clearly refined characteristics. You see, when your heart and brain aren’t on the same line, it’s probably a sign that now’s not the time, or maybe not the right place. For whatever action, decision, reaction or remission, the causality of feeling lost or our emotional transgressions is ours to make. This life, and love as a whole, is not a race. Take the time to outline and trace your values your hold dear. Don’t make sacrifices on the virtues and vices that your heart holds near. And if those reference points aren’t clear, use your past to help you steer through the foggy air. Think of all the times something didn’t work in your favor. Think of what caused that situation’s results, what did you do, what was your reaction or inaction? What was your overall behavior? What were the other person’s actions that caused a lack of traction and tact in the fashion of attacking what you hold as your passions. Always. Remember. Your Beat. Carry your own tune. And if you don’t have one, listen to your metronome. It’s your heart. It’s the place of passion inside you where all real love starts. And apart from select times where there’s a chasm between your brain’s thoughts and your hearts treasure, always try to make sure that the melody they’re co-existing within fits inside the same measure. Be syncopated with your rhythm. Make sure that your values and passions are definable characteristics you can fit in. Make sure your time signature is the same. There’s nothing worse than having your brain race at one speed and your heart not beat the same. And wherever, and however often possible, have your whole body in tune. It’s hard when your brain tells you to B Sharp, but your heart feels like it’s dragging around A Flat. And the simple fact of the matter is, there will be times when your brain or your heart don’t seem like they’re listening. But listen in. Find the balance of notes that settles your accord. Record those notes and use them to build your bass-chord. And live life to play in that key. Let your heart and your mind be free. And remember that everyone’s melody is heard differently. Find yours, settle in its tune, and let your doubts, fears and worries be gone. And as always; Much Love, and Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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