Dear Women,

Good morning. I hope this week treats you well and leaves you feeling fulfilled and satiated in life. These feelings are not easy to come by and often involve great sacrifice. However, let’s be clear, sacrifice is not as dirty as it sounds, and shouldn’t EVER be used in a way that involves you sacrificing something that makes you, you. Sacrifice is part of life and Sacrifice is part of love. To sacrifice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving something up, it could also mean compromise. Each person sacrifices enough to meet in the middle and creates a balanced and satisfying accord. This can be sacrificing in something as small as how you’re used to having your room or apartment set up or can be all the way up to sacrificing a comfortable situation that you’re content with for the potential of something even greater. Sacrifice some “me time” to spend with someone you love. Sacrifice mediocrity and comfort for excellence. Sacrifice what you want in that moment, to make someone else truly happy. These are sacrifices that won’t and don’t change who you are as a person. These are sacrifices that help solidify, strengthen and even create, great and lasting relationships.

Too often though I see the opposite and it’s shameful. Too often women feel as though they need to sacrifice a piece of who they are to satisfy the person they are with. This is abhorrent. You are who you are! Trust me, you’re amazing the way you are. You look beautiful. Yes, it’s amazing that you’re so independent. Being intelligent only makes you more attractive. You are talented. And you are loved. But you are loved for WHO you ARE. Not WHAT you COULD be. The shame in this situation is unfortunately shared. Men out there who make women feel like less then they truly are (Amazing Progenitors and general Beauty Archetypes) don’t deserve ANY woman, and should be left wanting. I wish I could make this stop, I truly do, but unfortunately, not all men are good men. Some men are still boys, and some men always will be. Don’t hold it over their head, feel bad for them. They deserve pity. They’re pitiful. (See what I did there?) Unfortunately the other side of this coin rests with the women in these situations. Ladies! Stop letting men make you feel shitty! Stop letting men try to change you into what THEY want! YOU! DON’T! NEED! TO! CHANGE! You’re already amazing. And if you want to change, then change for YOU! Not because some creature with two brains and only enough blood to operate one at a time, tells you to. (I assume that is where their short-comings lie). Please, please, please… we all know love is sacrifice, but the sacrifice should NEVER be who you are or what makes you, you.

Sacrifice = meeting in the middle
Love’s Worth = Sacrifice
You as you are right now = Love’s Worth
Perfect = You as you are right now

Love yourself. You are loved. Don’t change you unless YOU want to. Someone out there will love you more for who you already are, then someone could ever love you for who you could be. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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