Dear Women,

Good morning and I hope you had a blessed weekend.  As we approach the holiday season, please remember and remind others what it is to love and be loved.  Also, please remember that love is not really a choice.  You are bound by blood to your family that you (should) love unconditionally.  But this same sort of uncontrollable bond, when it’s real, exists outside of the ties of blood.  It’s important to remember that as much as you’d like to think you can control that bond; when it exists, when it doesn’t, to what degree, etc.  You can’t.  Love is a fiercely powerful, influential and deep-seeded emotion.  Love is the light to the shadows of Hate.  Love exists, not in the traditional sense of emotion, but in turn, in the stead of understanding, logic, reason, and desire.  We don’t choose who we love.  We don’t always love who we choose.  But when love comes along, true love, it’s strong enough to knock you off your feet.  With no warning and often times no decision made on your part love will either creep up on you and influence your life in a direction, or it will come barreling in and change your perspective on everything you thought you knew.  That’s love.  It’s the snowball that hits you when you least expect it, or it’s the avalanche that alters the entire course of your existence.  But either way, beyond your control.  My advice to you is simply to remind you, that it is, and was, never your choice!  Don’t necessarily fight it.  Love exists for a reason, love is blessed and cherished for a reason and most importantly, love forms, almost coagulates if you will, for a reason.  You may not understand that reason today, you might never.  But it did.  It does.  It will.  Love those that you love.  You love them for a reason.  Even if it doesn’t make sense, even sometimes when it hurts.  Address the hurt, fix whatever confusion or issues you’re facing.  But don’t stop loving.  It’s hard, sometimes almost too hard to bear.  Those times when maybe it’s inconvenient, or seemingly impossible to love someone.  Or to love THAT someone.  Or to love more than just one person.  But love exists for a reason.  That emotion, that very chemical reaction exists for a reason.  Don’t deny it.  Don’t fight it.  Accept it.  Understand it.  And in the end, love it.  Love, love.  It’s the most powerful emotion known to human kind.  Respect it.  And own it.  Everything will make sense and be okay in the end.  If it doesn’t make sense and it’s not okay now, then it’s not the end.  Keep going.  Don’t write your future in stone.  Life is subject to change.  Love is often the reason for course adjustment.  Be open to change.  Be open to love.  Leave your love open to life, and your life open to love.  Happiness WILL ensue.  You might not know how, you might not know when, you might not know why.  But it WILL make sense eventually.  Respect it, own it, and love it.  Love transcends all.  And as always; Much love, Smile on.


Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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