Dear Women,

Good morning!  This morning is back to a little bit of a rant.  I’ve seen women recently realizing they had already, or are currently, going through the process of convincing themselves that this other person “makes sense” for them because of any or all of these three reasons: timing, circumstance, or the belief that nothing better will come along.  Come on… You are better than that.  I promise you that you are.  I understand that with age comes expectations, and that sometimes pressures exist outside your own personal ticking clock.  But timing is never a reason to make a decision, or convince yourself to make a decision like this.  The rest of your life is a long time.  The Rest. Of your. Life.  That’s longer than these next 5 years or even 10 years.  You’re talking someone you want to settle down with for the next 50+ years.  Just think about this the next time you are feeling the stresses of not being settled down:  You’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, which is often times at least twice as long as you’ve already been on this earth.  Don’t be stressed to take a few extra years or more to make sure you’re finding the right person.  The circumstance goes hand-in-hand with a previous post I had about being Comfortable vs. being Happy.  Sometimes the circumstance is comfortable and something familiar, and easy.  But is that how you want to spend the rest of your life? Easily?  You’re worth more than that.  True love isn’t easy, but isn’t that indescribable feeling of happiness worth it, instead of just being comfortable day in and day out?  You can find comfort with a pet, a warm cappuccino and a good book.  Love is an emotion, a powerful and raw emotion.  Not a situation or a circumstance.  Don’t forget that.  The final one is the biggest hurt for me; Believing that someone is the best that’s going to come around.  I touched on this in a previous post, “Settling vs. Settling Down”.  Simply stated: don’t settle! There’s simply no reason to do so.  With the infrastructure and technology in this day and age, finding someone that makes you see fireworks when you see them and allows the rest of the stresses of the world to fade away when they’re around… is possible.  For anyone.  And everyone.  And I really believe that.  There should never be a time anymore where you can feel content saying, “Well, this is the best I’m going to get…”  That’s just not true.  Look in the mirror!  Take a second, and really look — not the literal mirror, the figurative self-reflection one — at who is looking back at you.  Look at all the amazing qualities you embody.  Look beneath the surface and really see what makes you, YOU!  And feel amazing about that because there is no other you.  As Brother Ali stated, “We are all Gods fingerprints.”  Love yourself and you will be loved.  But please! Love yourself, you’re amazing.  And when YOU believe that, you’ll realize that you can never settle.  There is a perfect person who is equally as amazing for you out there, just waiting to meet you.  Settle for nothing less than, “Can’t eat, Can’t sleep, Over the moon, Reach for the stars, Home run kind of love.”  And as always, Much Love, Smile On.


Hopeless Romantics

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