Hope is a fickle mistress
Able to up-lift and support
Able to let down and distress
But she never loses her rapport.
Her bed is always warm and inviting
But the house she lives in is made of ice
Living in Despair keeps her rent low and enticing
So she can come to all, and all to her for no price.
Hope is beautiful and she loves with as much of your heart as you do
But give up on her and she’ll disappear on you.
She is a mistress to us all but only a lover of few
And her position of authority is universal and true.
She is as fickle as we are believers that share her
We build her strength, she builds our character
She can always be found, anytime of day on the corner of Distress and Prayer
Sometimes she works other corners but can always be found there.
You see, Hope is a fickle mistress,
Coming and going with the best of us.
She lends her support and gives all of herself to make us whole enough
But first we must have Trust.
And only, when we have Trust.

Thoughts? Response?

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