Dear Women,

Good morning and happy Monday/Veterans Day. On a day where we are remembering those that have fought so bravely for our freedom, let us not also forget those that have come and gone from our hearts. I heard someone say this weekend, “Love and relationships are pointless.” My first reaction was to say, “hell yeah!” and take a drink, but instead I thought about the bleak nature of that statement and I said, “I don’t agree, Love is incredibly important and relationships allow us to build that.” And I know we’ve all been in a position where relationships seem like they’re pointless, or lead nowhere or even cause us nothing but pain. But I had to point out in this instance that Love is what fuels our life, it really is. The Love we share with our families, our friends and our significant others is what adds purpose and meaning to each of our lives. And yes, relationships with people, intimate or not, is what leads way for Love to fully bloom and exist in our hearts. I know that for most people all relationships except one are destined for failure (you only spend your life, again for most people, with one person, therefore everyone that isn’t THAT person is going to be transient and therefore cause pain). However, it’s important to recognize that these relationships and emotions that may pass more quickly or quietly than we’d like all help to serve a purpose. They are for us to learn; For us to learn more about ourselves, about our love, and about what we look for in the opposite sex. Most will be painful, it is an unfortunate truth about the nature of love and relationships. But that hurt helps teach us lessons, helps us grow, and helps us to love more fully, completely and honestly with those who enter our lives, or already may be in our lives at that point. Keep your head up, have hope, and learn from your “failures”. Each failure you face today is a success for tomorrow. Don’t ever forget that, and don’t give up on Love and relationships, you’ll find true love when and where you least expect it. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

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