Dear Women,

Good morning and Happy Holidays!!! I ask this every year and so far it hasn’t happened, but that won’t stop me from asking… Can we carry this Love for our fellow person into the New Year and throughout next year? This time of year is so pleasant, everyone is so caring and seemingly supportive of each other in a way unlike any other time. Let’s appreciate this of course, but recognize our capacity for good. Our capacity for warmth and caring. Let’s make it our goal to allow those feelings and sentiments to permeate through our every action and word for the next year. Every day is technically a holiday, we’re alive, the earth is still spinning, the sun is in the sky, and we are all loved and worthy of love. Let’s not forget that. That being said, I’ve heard, as I do this time of year more than most, many of you claiming that you feel alone, that this time of the year is hard for you (for varying different reasons) and that you just generally are feeling unloved. First point, you are loved. Trust me, there are people out there that love you, you are NEVER truly unloved. As long as you possess the ability and desire to love others, you will be loved. Always. Second, I can understand why this time of the year is hard for some; memories, loss, another year come and gone… But please, cherish the memories you have, remember that many people won’t ever get to experience that. Use this time to truly value and appreciate the memory of those that came before us or left before their time. It’s a tragedy that we are denied so many angels, but let’s be grateful that we fit in the rarified air of the few who knew angels on this earth, loved them, and were loved by them in return. I know this is hard, but I can almost guarantee you it’s what they would have wanted. The last piece of this is the feeling of being alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You are NEVER alone! There is NO situation you’re ever going through that you’re the only person, ever, to have gone through it. I promise, as bleak as it seems, as sad as you are, and as alone as you feel, please remind yourself, that you’re not alone! You. Are. Never. Alone. Ever. There’s always someone or someone(s) out there who have gone through or are going through what you’re going through. This doesn’t make your situation any easier I understand, but hopefully at least just a little itty bitty bit more bearable knowing you are not alone, others have felt this, others have gone through this, and like those others, you WILL make it out the other side and be a better and stronger person for it. This is the time of year to cherish all those around you, to let people close to you know what they mean to you and to love, and be loved. And you are loved. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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