Dear Women,

Good morning! I expect this to be a great week for us all. I also expect that I’m going to give 110% every minute of every day, and I expect that each and every one of you at some point in every day that comes to pass, will take a moment to acknowledge the amazing person you are. See, that’s the thing about Expecting things, or Expectations. They are your own to have, to want and to own. They may be realistic, they may be easy… they may not be. But they are YOUR OWN. No one else should be able to waiver, shake or break your expectations. I know there are a lot of people out there who would have you questioning your expectations of Love, Friendship, Passion, and even your Future. You MUST be strong enough to not allow this to happen. It doesn’t matter if you have, time and again, been made to feel silly for expecting something so incredible, or at least fair. You are WORTH THAT FEELING! Do NOT loosen your expectations just because the world doesn’t make it easy to achieve them. Not everyone is going to live up to your expectations, and that’s okay. Some people aren’t worthy of all the amazing-ness that is you. You need to accept that! It’s not a reflection of you! You’re expectations aren’t too high! You know what you want, and more importantly, what you deserve. Own that. As long as they are expectations that you also hold yourself to, then shame on you for compromising them for anyone else, regardless of their actions towards you. I promise you that you’re better than that. Stand up tall, realize the amazing person that you are to others, (Whether that’s a significant other, a friend, family, etc.) and hold others to that same level of expectation. And if they can’t be that person back to you, then accept that, make the choice to either keep them in your life or not, and be done with it. Do not falter in your beliefs of how you should be treated or what a relationship (of any kind) should be like. Embody your own expectations, show them to those you care about, and do NOT SETTLE FOR SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T RETURN WHAT YOU GIVE! Being an amazing person and caring for all those around you is great, but at the end of the day, selfless deserves selfless. Hold strong onto what you deserve. Just because the last X-number of people didn’t live up to those expectations DOES NOT mean your expectations are too high. It means you haven’t found the right one yet, and THAT’S OKAY! Not everyone is going to be the right fit, and that’s okay too! And the better your are to those that you care about, the harder it is to find someone that you consider “worthy” or “Up to your standards”. People put a negative connotation on those phrases. They’re not negative if you’re honest with yourself. If you’re truly an amazing person who treats those around them as positively, selflessly and lovingly as you expect others to, then they aren’t negative at all, they are honest words. They are phrases that can honestly identify your own self-worth and your own self-value. AND THAT’S AMAZING! You ARE that worth-it, particularly if you treat others with that much love and kindness. Hold out for the one who would hold out for you. I promise it and you’re worthy. Worthy of TRUE love, not someone else’s definition, or some version of a love you settled for. And as always; Much Love, Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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