Dear Women,

Good morning! Happy Valentine’s Day in advance! (My favourite day of the year). Valentine’s Day comes from Saint Valentine who was rumoured to have been arrested for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry (the sharing of love), as well, while in jail he healed the Jailer’s Daughter, and (I’m sure with embellishment, but regardless) before his execution, he wrote the Jailer’s Daughter a letter and signed it, “Your Valentine”. Reason for the history lesson? Valentine’s Day is about spreading love. Letting others know that they can love, that they can be loved, and that they are loved. Don’t lose sight of the true purpose of this day amidst the flowers, confectionary and cards. The spreading and value of love is significantly more important, and as far as all interested parties are typically concerned, more potent. SHOW your love, don’t BUY it. Anyone can spend $50 on flowers and buy some nice chocolates and a sappy card. That’s spending money, not showing affection. And for the record to you gentleman who read this… that’s not special, you should be doing that shit as often as possible… Valentine’s Day should be used as a day to truly show your love and how special someone is to you and what they mean to you. It is not a calendar reminder to buy flowers and chocolates. (which again, btw guys, you should probably set up on at least a monthly basis anyway, it doesn’t cost much but let’s that amazing special person in you life know that you’re continuously thinking of her, that’s she’s as beautiful as fresh flowers and as sweet as decadent chocolate…) Let those around you see and feel your love and compassion for each other this week in particular. Offer Love and Understanding before Hate and Judgement. For those of you without “Valentines”, this holiday can be, well, less than fun. I understand that. But take the opportunity to cherish the love of those around you, and those that you witness. Appreciate that the sort of love you’re looking for is out there and if other people are experiencing it, you will too. I promise. And of course, you’re ALL my Valentines. (with one very special and exceptional Valentine, Mi Mariposa). Give Love and Receive Love. Hold Love and Cherish Love. And of course, to all my Valentines out there; Much Love, and Smile On.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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