Similes and fancy words often detract from the meaning behind my message.
Rhythm and Rhyme only acts as a distraction from what’s inside.
It’s the content that really drives me to write.
I choose to write now not filled with inspiration but instead, with truth.
Let my words not be sullied or unclear,
The message I want you to hear extends beyond the composition on this page:
I Love You.
I am IN Love WITH You.
Those are just words, heavy and impactful as they may be, but still just words.
And more-so they are words that hold and carry different meanings and different truths to everyone who hears them.
Their meaning has the ability to change with life,
Growing in value and sentiment.
With the experiences and time I have shared with you, my understanding of these words has changed.
Greatly changed.
It’s hard for me to explain what that means because the meaning behind those words extends beyond my ability to confine something of that magnitude to a definition.
But I’m determined to try.
Our Love is recognized to me by 6 senses.
All 5 that people know of and experience every day.
And 1 that is undefinable, raw and can only be experienced by 2 people whose hearts and souls are connected.
Since I can’t tell you enough how much I Love You and how much Our Love means to me, I will attempt to explain it in the only way that I can make it relatable, understandable, and tangible.
Our Love is not a definition, it is an energy that affects all 5 of my senses at their core.
As such, that is the only way I can attempt to describe it for your understanding:

Our love tastes like the first time I opened you mouth to the sky and let the snow hit my tongue.
It tastes clean and oddly refreshing.
Not what I was anticipating, surprisingly better.
Our love tastes like melting snow in my mouth.
The phenomenon is one that only my taste buds can describe, like my heart with Our Love.
Snow is, inherently, frozen water falling from the heavens.
Our Love is, inherently, a feeling that has done the same thing.
It hits me, melts in my mouth and refreshes me.
It cleans my palate.
Our Love tastes like that clean feeling in my mouth after a snowflake melts on my tongue.

Our Love smells like fallen leaves and shampoo.
It smells like autumn and clean starts.
The smell makes me smile every time I breathe it in.
Our Love smells like that comfortable and familiar feeling I get when I see all the leaves on the ground and I know winter is coming.
It is a smell that can only be described by what it is, and no matter how many times I smell it, I still take a deep breath, savour the moment and get excited about what is to come.
Our Love always starts with the smell of fallen leaves and ends with shampoo.
Not a shampoo that I can name or that has any scent other than You.
It smells like when I walk into my house after a long day, inhale deeply and exhale a mighty breath because I am home.
Our Love smells comfortable and like home.

Our Love sounds like laughter and ocean waves washing up on a beach.
It sounds like happiness being expressed over a harmony of natural-calm and relaxation.
The sound is one that makes me smile, lower my shoulders, and close my eyes.
The laugher I hear when Our Love hits my ears is a pure laughter, unforced, and unreserved.
It is the type of laughter that people can only do without warning, in an environment where they are completely comfortable and themselves, with the person or people they trust most in this world.
It’s the type of laughter that makes me smile or laugh myself without even knowing what the cause was in the first place.
That sound of joy is coupled with the sound of waves crashing on a beach.
Our Loves sound makes me smile, but also lets me relax and close my eyes.
The sound of Our Love has an indescribable calming effect much like the ocean.
Perhaps, like the ocean, it’s because it is a sound created from a force that we don’t claim to understand or control but can all witness its greatness and respect its power.
Our Love sounds happy and powerful.

Our Love looks like a clear night sky when the moon is full and close enough that you feel like you can touch it.
Our Love looks like vastness beyond our comprehension decorated with shining lights that seem to add a certain level of meaning and relevance to our lives.
At the same time it allows me to realize that my very existence came about through chance, and to be here, with you, bearing witness to the seemingly endless possibilities of creation beyond our understanding or control is truly an awe-inspiring blessing.
Our Love feels like a blessing.
Our Love looks like the moon shining against that vastness.
Our Love looks the same way the moon does allowing me to feel that it shines just for me.
Our Love shines like the moon.
Not because the moon naturally gives off light, but because the moon is a reflection of the light given off from the Sun when it isn’t able to shine directly on us.
Our Love looks like a reflection of our feelings that give light to each other in ways I could never see on my own.
Our Love looks like that sparkle in your eye that I don’t have to be standing in front of you to see and feel.
Our Love looks like infinite beauty, meaning, and light.

Our Love feels like being tucked into bed, floating weightless in space, cuddled up next to a dozen sleeping puppies, after just having eaten my favourite meals, while knowing, unquestionably, that tomorrow, like today, will be the best day I’ve ever had.
Our Love feels like warmth, freedom, safety, and a feeling of pure content.
Our Love feels like when I pull the blankets up to my chin, pull my shoulders and elbows in close, squeeze hard and inhale while giving a little wiggle because of how comfortable and warm I am.
Our Love feels like every cell in my body exists in a reality without gravity.
That the only reason my feet are still on the ground is so I can use them to always find my way back to You.
The weightlessness is a feeling of total relaxation and release from the structures and confines of a world that exists outside of my control.
Our Love feels soft like puppies fur as their bodies rub on my skin.
It feels the way it does when a puppy falls asleep in your arms or on your lap.
Our Love feels like I just ate one bite of every one of my favourite foods and had just enough to eat before laying down.
Our Love feels full.
Our Love makes every day into the best day I’ve ever had, knowing that tomorrow can only be better because it will be one more day of being in love with you that I’ve had, and one more day of loving you that I will get to experience.
Our Love feels like Love.
And I Love You.
And while those words carry different weight for everyone,
You can sense the strength they possess for me, with you.
The words may come out light, or quickly, or seem common-place,
But know, that those words are strong enough to carry meaning and purpose throughout all of creation.
So brace yourself,
Hold on to something if possible,
Sit down if you need,
And take a deep breath because;
I Love You.

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