Dear Women,

I’m back. For good this time. It winds up I need you and this blog probably even more than you need me. I’ve discovered that there where there is passion, there can be love, and love should never be viewed as work. (It takes work, it isn’t inherently work – sorry for any confusion there).

It winds up, I love writing to you. I love the thought that maybe one time, one day, I will be able to reach to the inner soul/heart of one of my readers and impact within them a change for wellness/good.

It is because of my own selfish desires that I come to wish the same for you. Please take a moment, hell, take a few moments and think about what inspires you. What makes you happy, not because of the reward or incentive, not because of the social/emotional pressures put on you to do things, but what makes you happy or gives you a sense of satisfaction/purpose because you are doing it. I get that personally from writing to all of you, from motivating people to work harder and push themselves in my cycling classes, and am learning to find that same love/purpose in my job as a recruiter.

It is with a full heart that I thank you for hopefully letting me into yours, even just a little. Please, fill your own hearts up with what makes you happy, with what gives you a sense of purpose, and with something you are doing because it is something that offers you future potential to achieve your inner greatness.

Hopeless Romantics

Thoughts? Response?

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