This website contains the Poetry and Blog (“Letters to Women”) of Miles M. ReVera

The purpose of the “Letters to Women” blog is simply stated: The betterment, moral fulfillment and social uplifting movement for women as a whole. Please share!

If you are interested in reading and critiquing:  Go right ahead, you don’t need permission from me!

If you’re interested in writing and/or collaborating:  Email me – contact information is at the bottom of every page.

2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Good afternoon,
    If I may take this time to introduce myself. Iam Wisdom Speaks an upcoming poet. I hit the Chicago poetry scene six months ago in October. In this short time God has blessed my artistry tremendously. Not only have I had a feature every month since my debute as an open mic artist. I also have the honor of hosting 3 venues; one being Bring it to the Brook an open mic set I birthed in Janurary. In addition to that I am an internet radio personality. I say this not to brag on myself as I humbly know and give all the credit to God. For without Him I’d be nothing. The former was stated just to give a glimpse of my strong desire and passion, grind, for the craft. I know I have in no way arrived this is just the beginning. Which brings me to why I am contacting you. I would love to be featured in your blog. You can contact me via phone (815) 278-6388 or email WisdomSpeaksThaPoet@gmail.com. I can be found on all major social networking sites search IamWisdomSpeaks and/or the Gleaning Lady.

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