“Dare” says Lucifer, challenging God one more time
And God listens as his Fallen Soldier doubts the very existence of natural beauty
When God heard this he pointed to the Aurora Borealis, Niagra Falls, & Thunderstorms
“No” said the Devil, “Show me a human truly made in your image.

So God plucked the very essence of divinity from life’s subtle intricacies
Cosmos infinite expanse providing the foundation for the potential of her awe
Astrology provides the research for the lasting affects her Grace will have inspiring the world
Nature procures the very Ebb & Flow of her kindness and purity
Lastly, Love provides the definition of her character and the energy she exudes
And Satan dropped his trident and bowed his head as the God of Enlightenment once again.
No being of conscious existence could proclaim her any less than an Angel.

Thoughts? Response?

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